Sunday, March 29, 2009

Picture of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov ?


It is well - known that no picture of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov exists. What we see today is only his chair at the Great Breslover Synagogue in Mea Shearim Street / Jerusalem.

Now Avraham Chaim Biton claimed that Rabbi Nachman appeared in one of his dreams and told him to draw a picture of him. Here is the "picture" of Rabbi Nachman according to Biton's dream. You can accept it as the truth or just ignore it.

A list of Breslover Rabbi's accepting and rejecting the drawing.

Do not accept the picture:
1. Rabbi Eliezer Berland
2. Rabbi Yaaakov Me'ir Schechter

Haven't seen the picture yet:
1. Rabbi Eliezer Shlomo Schick
2. Rabbi Mordechai Elazar Koenig
3. Rabbi Morgenstern

Accept the picture:
1. Rabbi Shmuel Moshe Kremer
2. Rabbi Shalom Arush
3. Rabbi Eliyahu Godelski
4. Rabbi Aharon Yaski
5. Rabbi Shimon Teichner

If this should really be Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, then he looks like a real Breslover to me.:-)


There is a doubt if the listed Rabbis agreeing to the picture did really agree or if everything is just a false claim !!!


  1. Curious. What I have read about him says that he rarely ate--fasted most of his life. I should think this would make him much thinner. The blonde hair is a bit of a surprise as well. But, what the heck, everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame so I guess this guy found his!

  2. B"H

    Rabbi Nachman used to fast from one Shabbat to the next, thus causing himself health problems.

    The drawing, however, shows a similarity to the Baak Shem Tov who was his great - grandfather.

  3. for starters, Rav Tzvi Arye Rosenfeld, z"l said that it is clear from certain statemnts found in Sichos HaRan, that Rabbi Nachman's beard seperated into two distinct parts, such that he grasped them with both hands.

  4. "Heenei baa'al ha'chalomos buh"...

    Just to be clear - did the visitor in the dream really prove who he was by singing, "Na-Na-Na"? :-)

    Whatever. There goes the whole "toyter" chasidim concept, i.e. our rebbe doesn't need a nose...

    P.S. When/if Reb Nachman is "migaleh" himself, I suggest it would cover more important matters

  5. there is a mesorah in breslov that he had red scraggly facial and i dont know

  6. B"H

    P.S. When/if Reb Nachman is "migaleh" himself, I suggest it would cover more important matters

    This is probably very true !

    Avraham Chaim Biton, the guy who had the dream, is obviously of Morroccon origin and, as we know, Sephardic Jewry is a little more into the dream / miracle / superstition stuff.

    I read the story in a haredi forum yesterday and today, it is already all over the place. Including VozisNeias.

    The Breslov world seems to be upset and split about the whole issue. I have no idea how some Rabbis decide to believe the guy or not. I haven't read about it anywhere.

    However, the guy in the drawing looks like one of the Nanas dancing in Jerusalem's Ben Yehudah Mall.:-)

  7. the blonde hair means lovers soul, the eyes aren't holy at all, they should be like mine....maow, darker...

  8. He looks like my great-grandfather and grandfather.

  9. I spoke to Reb Lazer Cheshin, son-in-law of Reb Moshe Kramer about it.
    He says that none of the Breslover rabbanim believe it to be true, it's all just false rumors.

  10. B"H

    This is what I thought.
    It would be crazy to believe anyone showing up and claiming to have had a dream.

  11. BS"D

    Rabbi Lazer Brody has spoken out saying Rav Shalom Arush does not agree with this pic./..

  12. B"H

    Why did Rabbi Arush not make the statement himself ?

  13. Very interesting because in the days of Rav Nachman the Yerushalmer Kaftan(yellow stripes) had not been invented, nor did they wear white knitted kipot. The dreamer wishes in his heart that Rav Nachman would have looked like all the Na-Nachs who mix and match their costumes,lol Russian winter Fur hats(not shtreimels,) kaftans, sandals, t-shirts, tattoos)
    Since the meshichistim made the Yechi yarmulkes to match the na-nach yarmulkes I suppose the Na-Nachs needed a picture to hang in their shuls like the meshichistim.
    How sad needing kipot, pins, flags, pictures nad costumes to keep their religion going!
    Rav Nachman must be spinning in his grave

  14. B"H

    To me the image just looks like how some Breslovers want Rabbi Nachman to be and to look like.

  15. BS"D

    Well, the Torah states that if someone comes and tells you that one of these dead guys worshipped as small elim has come to him in a dream and commanded him something, you shall put him to death and you are forbidden to listen to his words.
    The notorios late Rav Nahman told his disciples to come to his tomb after his death, pray there and give charity in his name. As one hand washes the other, he even promises to do everything possible ( after his death???!) to cleanse them from their sins in return.
    As a normal mortal is unlikely to have such abilities, he clearly declared himself to be something like a god, a supernatural being enabled with some magic powers.
    Had there been a Sanhedrin in his days, he would have been judged to the death sentence for this declaration in accordance with Torah Law and his fellows, who reported all of his mad stories to us, would also have been forbidden to listen to him.
    But who cares, it is only Torah and the biggest mitzva is not such dry, old stuff but to reach a constant state of joy and happyness like in good old Greece or Egypt.
    Somehow I do not really feel like saying "Shavua tov"'

  16. nachman noson krausMarch 12, 2012 at 5:38 AM

    it is known that rebbe Nachman lived for 38 years so where does this white beard come from

  17. B"H

    Couldn't it be that it is more of a red colour ?

  18. To the first reply, if you know anything of the children of Israel before they mixed, we were blonde, red heads blue/green eyes. King David known for his red hair and bright eyes. King Solomond, milky white skin, read Torah, study the word of Hashem before you reply as to hair or skin. The children of Israel , Shem were milky white, blonde, redhair. Some bright brown hair as well. Especially in Europe. I accept the picture without doubt. For I know who true Israel is and will always be!
    The beard is blonde> But, anyone with a knowledge of stress or trauma--know that in severe cases one hair will turn white. It happened to my Ema after 18 hours of labor. Her red hair, turned white. Many Rabbis will attest to the fact that this beautiful European Jew was indeed blonde and bright eyes, look where he came from.
    And to the one who speaks of Greece or Egypt-- how much more pagen than that! Ethics of the Fathers state not to judge until you are in that persons place--meaning, physically,spiritually, mentally. You make comparisons to Egypt-pagen world-who kept us in bondage for 400 years-may no one listen to you!
    Hashem is revealing all in HIs time--everything that was given at Mount Sinai--Amen