Sunday, November 25, 2012

This Blog is moving to WORDPRESS


No further articles are going to be posted on this Blog, as I have moved to WORDPRESS !!!

I am sorry for all the inconveniences but Blogspot has a new policy saying that, once your free picture space is gone, you have to pay. Well, also Wordpress is offering such a policy but, once my space is gone, I am going to transfer the free stuff into a professional paid Wordpress site.

I am not deleting this blog and people will still be able to read it. You can also comment on articles.

The new Blog design on Wordpress is a bit different but I am sure that we are all getting used to it. I need to fill in the link list and a header pic but there is no rush. In the course of time, everything is going to improve. 

The negative thing regarding the new Blog is that I couldn't get my former URL only saying SHEARIM but was only able to get

Well, I am not from Mea Shearim but this was the closest URL name to Shearim.:-)

Please find the new SHEARIM on


  1. The title of the other blog is different!
    "Orthodox and Haredi Judaism" :D


  2. have you tried buying the custom domain for 'shearim" dot whatever you like, then having it redirected to your new site? it's only like $10 usually for a yr and also gives you the same "brand."

  3. B"H

    I am going to buy a Wordpress domain for Shearim. But it is not $10 but $99. I don't mind the price, I just need the time to organize everything.:-)