Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Back to the anti - Semitic Rite ?


According to "The Jerusalem Post" and the British "Independent", Pope Benedict XVI. is planning to reintroduce the Latin rite. The Latin rite includes certain prayers which are definitely anti - Semitic. If this reintroduction is really going to take place, Roman Catholics are going to say a prayer on Good Friday where it says that the Jews are blind and they should take away their veil from their eyes. As the Jews are blind, they simply do not see who the real Meschiach is. Well, as you might guess, according to the Christians this is J.

I have heard this opinion many times before from Christian missionaries but I did not know that it actually stems from a Catholic doctrine from the 16th century. With or without the Pope's plans, the idea that the Jews are blind is still very much alive today. Not only among Catholics.

The Jews are blind and do not see the real truth. I can hardly imagine that anything could be more absurd. People who do not have any clue about Judaism and have something to hide always seek for excuses and justifications. It makes it very convenient for them.

Now, we are automatically confronted with the question if there can be a Jewish - Christian dialog at all. I do not know how it is in other parts of the world but in Europe, Christianity always wants a dialog with the Jews. But how can there be a kind of a dialog when the Christians claim that the Jews are blind ?

Personally I am not in favour of such a dialog at all, as Judaism and Christianity are two completely different religions. Although church claims that Christianity comes from Judaism, both religions have nothing to do with each other.

As I finished writing this article, I can put on my veil again. If anyone has a comment on this should take into consideration that I might be too blind seeing it.


  1. http://universalindult.blogspot.com/2007/07/baseless-jewish-tlm-complaints-may-turn.html

  2. B"H

    Dear Anonymous,

    How can you even consider that Catholic prayers against Jews as not anti - Semitic ?

    It seems to me that you either do not think or that you have learned nothing.

    To say that the Jews live in darkness is a CHUTZPAh, and it just shows me that you including the church have no idea about Judaism whatsoever.

  3. "Catholic prayers against Jews as not anti - Semitic"

    What a ridiculously ethnocentric spin.

    Catholics pray for all non-Catholics, and have special esteem for the Jews, as Jesus was a Jew and you are our elder brothers in the Faith.

    The bigotry here is on your side, not ours. There is nothing anti-semitic about the 1962 mass of Pope John XXIII.

    But this propagandistic disinformation campaign against it is quite anti-Catholic.

    Don't be anti-Catholic, tell us how to worship, don't tell us who to pray for or not pray for, and we won't suddenly become anti-semitic.


  4. B"H

    I do not make deals with Christians, saying that the Jews are blind and many other things.

    By the way, an ex - Catholic wrote me and told me a lot about certain anti - Semitic prayers in your church.

    But a real discussion with you cannot take place anyway, as you simple do not understand the Jewish point.

  5. "But a real discussion with you cannot take place anyway, as you simple do not understand the Jewish point."

    I agree, but I'm not concerned about "the Jewish point."

    I'm just pointing out that other religions should not attempt to dictate to the Church how, when, or what we should pray.

    There is far more anti-Catholic material in the Talmud than you will ever find in any Catholic literature or liturgy, but there are no widespread calls by Catholics for Jews to self-censor their own liturgy and literature.

    That is the bottom line here, and is most revealing about which side is in reality guilty of bigotry.

  6. B"H

    Thanks for reveiling us about the real character of the Catholic church. You are a great example.

    Using the Talmud without having any idea or understanding of it.
    If you look into histroy, Christianity is the most violent religion ever.

    You should be ashamed of your ignorance and your hatred against other people.
    However, I do not see any point in continueing our discussion, as you are using thousand year old quotations against the Jews. Just like the inquistion.
    Nothing has changed, right.