Thursday, November 22, 2012

A few words on YAAKOV


Yaakov is moving to Haran and I am moving my blogs from Blogspot to Wordpress. :-)

Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky commentated that, for the first 63 years in his life, Yaakov studied Torah with his father Yitzchak, and then he was escaping Esav and fled to Haran. Yaakov needed the spiritually from the Torah of Shem and Ever in order to survive his upcoming surroundings, as uncle Lavan wasn't such a nice relative. Lavan focused his life on the power he gained through his sorcery and on money. Sounds like a really nice guy and I think that many of us have someone like that as a family member. Not necessarily dealing in sorcery but running after money.

Yaakov hardly ever faced happy times in life. There was the war with Esav, he lived in the Diaspora with greedy Lavan, his beloved Rachel passed away, his sons quarreled and the whole incident with Yosef. 

Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with Yaakov but during the past few days while hundereds of rockets were shot from Gaza onto Israeli territory, I sometimes dreamt about being somewhere else in the world where that are neither rockets nor any worries about an upcoming war. Every few minutes, the Israeli radio kept on announcing further rocket alarms and sirens. Twice, Jerusalem got attacked. The last time on Wednesday when a Fajr 5 (Made in Iran) was flying towards Jerusalem but almost hit a Palestinian village in Gush Etzion (south of Jerusalem).

When I looked at all those nice pictures at Google + or on other sites I saw romantic beaches, nature as well as photos from people's daily lives. An ordinary life and not like ours waiting for the next rocket alarm and don't know where to hide. But, still, I am glad to live in Israel and not anywhere else. Despite all those bad news there was time to concentrate on enjoyable things in life. I was having coffee with friends, walked around in nature and I got this desire buying books. Novels only in order to grab a book and sit somewhere and read. Just to keep your mind going. At least until the next bad news or alarm.

By Sunday or Monday, I will be done organizing my new Shearim blog and let you know the URL. As I already said earlier, I am keeping this blog and will set lots of links between the old and the new Shearim !

Shabbat Shalom to all readers !  

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