Thursday, March 31, 2011

The SEFAT EMET on Parashat Tazria - פרשת תזריע

The Torah commentary of the "Sefat Emet"

Photo: Miriam Woelke


The Sefat Emet brings up a great thought on this week's Parashat Tazria. He refers to the human arrogance and it is very true what he says: Every human being should be aware of the fact that EVERYTHING in this world finds its roots in G - D. Those humans accepting this particular fact then know that it was G - d creating all existence and that there is no reason for us to be arrogant. How can anyone be arrogant when absolutely nothing belongs to him but to the Creator ?

Of course, we can claim that we work and it is us making an effort in life. When we finally reach our goals, get university degrees, professions, a new house or car, it was us earning the money and putting work into reaching the goal. On the other hand we have to realize that it was G - d creating us with the strength, intelligence and all our abilities.

The Torah commentary of the "Sefat Emet"

Photo: Miriam Woelke

The Palestinian Wall of Lies

Downtown Tel Aviv

Junction: Allenby / Ben Yehudah Street in Tel Aviv.

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lipa Schmeltzer at a wedding in Bnei Brak

Lipa's Homepage:

How do I turn from Frum into Secular (Chiloini) ?


The other day I was chatting with the Gur runaway Sarah Einfeld and we were discussing a certain matter regarding haredi women leaving their society and turning secular (Hebrew: Chiloni). Sarah's answer how to carry this out was very simple and any woman who needs some advice, here it comes:

"Leave your haredi environment, start building yourself a new life, go into a store and buy some pants !"

I wouldn't regard leaving haredi society as that simple. No matter if the runaway is male or female. Jeans and leading a secular life doesn't take away your thoughts about what is MUTAR and what ISSUR. The thoughts just pop up and suddenly you may find yourself saying a Broche (Bracha) before putting something into your mouth. :-)


Meeting Sarah Einfeld

The Haredi World this Week


The haredi world this week and the Yahrzeit of the famous chassidic Rabbi Elimelech of Lezhansk (1717 - 21 Adar 1787).

Followers of Baba Baruch sent Escort Girls to Rabbi Ifergan


The Hebrew edition of the "Jerusalem Post" is reporting that followers of Rabbi Baruch Abuchatzeira (Baba Baruch) threatened another famous Netivot Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan. Both Rabbis live in the Negev town of Netivot and have been leading a war for many years. See War Background HERE !

Left: Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan (the x - ray Rabbi)

Two Rabbis fighting about money and power in Netivot. The "Baba Baruch" is a son of the famous Baba Sali and Rabbi Ifergan who claims to be able to look through a person and is thus called "The x - ray Rabbi", used to be a student of the Baba Sali.

War has been going on for ages and it is true that more Jews are running to visit the x - ray Rabbi than the grave of the Baba Sali. Just a few years ago, me and a friend did the opposite and we went to the Baba Sali Kever.

Left: Baba Baruch (Rabbi Baruch Abuchatzeira)

Now followers of the Baba Baruch seem to have threatened Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan to leave Netivot. Further, some escort girls were sent to the x - ray in order to damage his reputation. Police are investigating and apparently arrested a few Baba Baruch people. 

The whole war in Netivot has nothing to do with religion and is just about power and money. Rabbi Ifergan has become very associated with Israeli celebrities and the rich giving him donations whereas the Baba Baruch is not that accepted. The good old days of the Baba Sali are gone and it is sad to see this ongoing war of some ordinary Rabbis. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where are the skeletons of the generation dying in Noach's Flood ?

"Noach's Ark was not a ship, as you see it on many pictures or in movies but shaped like a box.


Should Israel not be full of skeletons of Noach’s Generation dying in the
Flood (Mabul) ? If the Flood really took place in Israel, archaeologists should find enough evidence as well as skeletons of those people who died. Why is this not the case and no one has everdug out anything from the days of Noach ?

The Gemara (rabbinic discussion) in the Talmud Tractate Zevachim 113a discusses the question whether the Mabul took place in Israel, elsewhere (e.g. Syria or Iraq) or elsewhere AND Israel. Did the water cover our entire planet or only the Middle East ?

As usual the Gemara lists us plenty of responses and opinions. When we are taking into consideration that, after the Mabul, the human DNA, the climate or nature changed, than it is obvious that the Flood took place in Israel. Commentators and the Talmud tell us that the “Hot Springs” in Tiberias originate in Noach’s Mabul. All those people didn’t just drown in the water but they burnt to death. As the Talmud Sanhedrin teaches, the earth opened up and boiling hot water came out burning the entire population.

G – d didn’t only save Noach and his family but also the fish (Talmud Zevachim 113). Why the fish ? Because the fish didn’t participate in the sexual perversion, as most of the other animals did. In those days women became pregnant when they had sex with animals. You can imagine how those creatures looked ! Furthermore, animals had sex with each other and not only with its own species. A cat had sex with a peacock or a dog with a donkey. G – d’s entire creation was messed up and I assume (in Talmud Sanhedrin 108 the reason for the Flood is thievery) that this was the real reason for the Mabul: A messed up creation and who knows what would have happened to the whole planet. After the Flood, G – d changed the human DNA, nature as well as the climate. From now on it was impossible that woman could get pregnant from an animal.

However, the fish didn’t participate and G – d decided to save them. Before the Mabul started, the fish escaped into different waters. But what happened to the skeletons of the people ? Talmud Zevachim 113b teaches that the dead can be found in a place called SHINAR (in Babylon). Shinar is the place where 340 years later, Nimrod and his followers were building the Tower (Migdal Bavel). It also says in Zevachim that whoever eats from the earth of Babylon (Iraq) it is as if he is eating his ancestors.

Kikar Rabin (Rabin Square) in Tel Aviv

Kikar Rabin (Rabin Square) and the Tel Aviv Municipality
Photo: Miriam Woelke

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ba'al Teshuva Burnout

Edmonton / Canada


For whatever reason you decide to become a Ba'al Teshuva. More than ten years ago, I made this decision and I don't even know why. Maybe because I was so convinced that the Torah is true and that there is nothing else beyond. My entire being was getting absorbed into religious life but after a while you realize that this is not it. No matter what goals you have, your "old" life is always following you. Your old habits going to the cinema, reading novels, talking to any kind of people, just hanging around downtown, having a beer and so on. Of course, you can hang out as a Ba'al Teshuva and go to the cinema but it is not the same, as you may start questioning yourself whether this or that is allowed or issur. 

Many times I have written about the subject before and plenty of haredi Ba'alei Teshuva still ignore the significance: If you decide to become a haredi Ba'al Teshuva, your efforts are probably much higher. Especially when you live among Haredim. Then you don't only want to do everything right but also prove that you are just as good as a born Haredi. No, I am not starting again with "born Haredim will never accept you as equal" but notice one issue: Born Haredim will not necessarily provide you a Shidduch from among them, as they see Ba'alei Teshuva coming from Jewish parents who apparently didn't keep Taharat HaMishpacha (Family Purity Laws). Jewish babies born from such parents are considered to have a "blemished" soul and there "may" be something wrong with them. Their behaviour could be more vulnerable to sins then the behaviour of a Jewish baby born to parents keeping Taharat Mishpacha. Converts to Judaism following the haredi way lifestyle don't have this blemish, as they are regarded as a newborn after leaving the Mikveh.

Only a few weeks after I started the Teshuva process, I already gave up the desire of impressing my environment. I didn't care anymore and was sick of thinking what so - and - so is thinking about me and whether I am invited anymore or accepted. Other Ba'alei Teshuva just freak as soon as Mr. + Mrs. Satmar, Vishnitz or Litvish are inviting them. I didn't and this way, I got more invitations than those who are constantly trying to improve themselves and thus go on everybody's nerves. 

I spoke about my weaknesses although I wanted to be perfect. I failed, went back to my former lifestyle, returned to religion, went back and forth 100,000 times. It is not only the Ba'al Teshuva suffering from a burnout but, and this really makes me freak, other Haredim driving you nuts with their non - haredi behaviour. You think that now you are in a Yeshiva, programme or among haredi neighbours and then you see some of those people behaving like pigs. Rabbis from different programmes, for instance, who just run after donations and, as soon as a rich potential donor shows up, those Rabbis ignore all of their students. I saw a Rabbi on Fridays looking out for rich people to come by to his programme. When a rich guy stepped in, he was automatically invited for Shabbat and the Rabbis was only creeping around him. Or when Rabbis simply want to be important and you have to worship him although he isn't that big Talmid Chacham.

Those Haredim really get me and then I just feel like escaping. Whether they are Ba'alei Teshuva Rabbis or born haredi Rabbis. Some of them think that they are so holy but what they do is drawing people away from Judaism due to their behaviour. 

Months ago I have decided to do whatever I can and the Mitzvot I don't do ... well, give it time. It is much better to enjoy your life and be happy with yourself as pushing yourself into depression.

Picture of the Day

Jerusalem - Menachem Begin Highway. 
In the background you can see the neighbourhoods Beit HaKerem and Bait Vagan.
Photo: Miriam Woelke

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Migdal Bavel - The Tower of Bavel, Part 1


The Torah Parasha at the time when a Jew is born has an enormous influence on him. At least this is what many Rabbis claim. For converts to Judaism is may be the Parasha of the week when they either converted or went to the Mikveh. I am not sure about that but I heard a Chabad Rabbi in Zfat claiming this opinion.

I think it was Rabbi Yitzchak Luria who stated that a Jew's birth doesn't prove his goal in life but the moment when he was conceived. That particular time would be his Parasha.

To make a long story short and going according to the majority: My personal Parasha is YITRO, as I was born in Shevat. And, as we all know, Yitro is full of commandments and all kinds of Mitzvot. Now look at my huge Tikkun (soul rectification) in this world. At least accoding to Parashat Yitro. 

My most beloved Parasha is NOACH and not Yitro. The reason is not the amount of Mitzvot but because I grew up with Parashat Noach. In school we heard about Noach and had to draw pictures of the Ark. On TV and in cartoons you always see Noach, the Ark and all the animals inside. I found that great and a really nice "story". Moreover, I have never had any doubt that the Flood really took place. 

Parashat Noach has never left me and I consider it as MY PARASHA because I have dealt with it for years. I took the content apart. From Noach, his times, his generation to the Tower of Bavel (Migdal Bavel). I have been collecting anything on Parashat Noach. Any commentator, any Talmudic remark, anything. Unfortunately, when you google "Tower Bavel" you get to plenty of Christian and satanic sites which have nothing to do with the real meaning. Instead, the real and kabbalistic meaning is mentioned in "Sefer Brit Menucha". An extremely complicated book.

Most people may think that it can't be too complicated taking apart the commentaries on Parashat Noach. This is a big mistake and not many are aware of the huge amount of incidents happening in the Parasha. First of all, Noach's generation consisted of certain reincarnations missing their final Tikun. These souls were reincarnated in the generation of the Tower and later on in the generation of Sodom. 

Where did those souls come from and what is so significant about them ? 
Rabbeinu Bachya states in his commentary on Bereshit that the generation of the Tower (Dor Haflagah) was using G - d's most secret names including the Shem HaMeforash "Y - H - V - H" and this is the reason why they were punished. 

The book "Megaleh Amukot" states that Nimrod's generation was again reincarnated in the people of Sodom and later in Korach. Further commentaries say that those souls were also active in Egypt and later on when Moshe and  the Jews were walking through the desert. 

What was the real purpose of the Tower of Bavel ? The Etz Yosef states that Nimrod wanted to built a tower inside the tower. By using G - d's names, offering a Ketoret (spices) and doing other things, the Dor Haflagah succeeded in confusing some angels and G - d had to react. However, the incident didn't happen with Noach but much much earlier with Adam HaRishon, and neither did everything end with the destruction of the Tower.

Daylight Saving in Israel


Daylight saving in Israel is starting this Thursday night when we are putting our clocks one hour ahead. However, not everyone does, as chassidic anti - Zionist groups like the Toldot Aharon or Toldot Avraham Yitzchak do not change the clock. So, don't get mixed up when you go to their Tishes and look at their clocks on the wall. :-)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Killed woman in Jerusalem blast was Evangelical Christian


Chas veChalilah, I am not saying that anyone deserves death but I have to mention that the killed woman in the last Jerusalem blast, Mary Jane Gardner, was an Evangelical Christian. The task of any Evangelical Christian is (even Rabbi Tuvia Singer claims it) prostelyzing Jews. Mary Jane Gardner had been in Israel for a few months in order to study Hebrew. She wanted to translate the Tanach in her own way and we can all imagine what way that would have been.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The CHATAM SOFER and further Rabbis on Parashat SHEMINI


Parashat Shemini

Photo: Miriam Woelke

 Parashat Shemini 5771 / 2011

This week’s Torah Parasha “Shemini” talks, among other topics, about sacrifices in the two Temples. In Vayikra (Leviticus) 9:6 it says:

“And Moshe said: "This is the thing that G - d has commanded you to do; then the glory of G - d will appear to you."

On this particular day Parashat Shemini is describing, G - d was planning to show His "Shechinah - Presence" in a very unique form. The Mishkan (Tabernacle) had its opening celebration and the "Shechina" wanted to have its earthly abode inside the Mishkan (see Rashi – Commentary or Sifte’i Chachamim). 

The “Me’am Lo’ez”, Rabbi Yaakov Chuli (17th / 18th century) explains how the Jews in the desert were supposed to experience the "glory of G - d". The answer is: Doing "Teshuva - Repentance" ! The Jews in the desert as well as the Jews today should refrain from anything negative and rather concentrate their minds and actions on the positive: On serving G - d. At the same moment we forget about out "Yetzer HaRah - evil side in each of us", G - d's Shechinah is coming upon us. This happened in the times of the Mishkan in the desert when the Jews kept the Torah and thus, fulfilled G - d's will. This was the reason why G - d was able to dwell among them. Not literally dwelling in the physical world but being closer to the Jews in a symbolic sense. As soon as G - d is closer to His people, no other nation is able to harm the Jews, as He is protecting them. Moreover, look at all the miracles happening when G - d was dwelling in the Mishkan: Be'er Miriam (Miriam's Well) or the Man.

The famous Chatam Sofer commentates on Moshe's saying

“This is the thing that G - d has commanded you to do!” 

What exactly is happening when we Jews don't follow G - d's will and act against the Torah ? Let alone the Jews in the desert acting against the Torah because they were on a much much higher level than we are today. Doesn't G - d already give a hint to this question right at the beginning of Parashat Shemini ? That the Jews have to do what G - d has commanded them to do. "Commanded" and "doing", meaning that G - d commands and we carry out what He commanded. Did He command Nadav and Avihu to bring a sacrifice (the Ketoret of each of the brothers) ? G - d didn't command them and the brothers did exactly the opposite of what Moshe had told the Jews shortly before.

Thora commenatry of the CHATAM SOFER

Photo: Miriam Woelke

The Chatam Sofer states that each of the two brothers sacrificed his own Ketoret (spices). Two different Ketorot at once. A prohibited act. One brother brought the right sacrifice the second brother didn't but both had to die. The Chatam Sofer writes: Because the two brothers didn't listen to Moshe when he said: "This is the thing that G - d has commanded you to do ...!" Instead, each of the brothers wanted to be the first and the best.
Many times before I mentioned that the Hebrew word “Korban” (Plural: Korbanot) comes from the verb “Lehitkarev – getting closer to someone / something”. The English as well as the German translation "sacrifice" doesn't express the real meaning of the word "Korban". It is not a "sacrifice" but an act in order to get closer to G - d. For example when a Jew is bringing a KORBAN due to a certain holiday or after he acted against the Torah. With his Korban, the Jew admits his sinning but, at the same time, wants to become a better person in the future. This act of Teshuva and intending not to repeat the same mistake in the future results in a closer relationship to G - d because the Jew promises to fulfill G - d's will.
The Korbanot are not anything ancient from the past but will be taking place again as soon as Meshiach is coming and building the Third Temple. Then the Cohanim (Priests) are going to sacrifice the animal offerings as well as the flour, oil and spice offerings.

J - Street is Pro - Palestinian !

Knesset member Danny Danon (Likud) is speaking out against "J - Street". 

Rabbi Mordechai Machlis (Jerusalem) on Parashat Shemini

Picture of the Day

Yesterday's bomb attack in Jerusalem.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rabbi Me'ir Schuster Update


Many readers have asked me about an update on Rabbi Me'ir Schuster who is very ill. 

Here is an update:

Rabbi Mordechai Machlis on the Massacre of the Fogel Family


Rabbi Mordechai Machlis from Jerusalem on the massacre of the Fogel family from Itamar:

Terror is back in Jerusalem


Not that terror had ever vanished. Especially in Jerusalem it is just a matter of time when there will be another bomb attack or murder carried out by Palestinians. "Pigua" - one of the most frightening words in the Hebrew language and as soon as someone says it, the response is just "WHERE ?"

In the 90ies and in 2001 - 2002, Israelis just used to ask WHERE and WHICH BUS ? The city and the bus number in order to start thinking whether they know anyone at that particular location who could have been injured. 

This morning, GRAD rockets where shot from Gaza onto Beersheva. In the afternoon, a bomb blew up between Jerusalem's Central Bus Station and the International Convention Center (Binyane'i HaUma). One 60 - year - old woman died and approx. 50 people were injured.  

Those of you who know Jerusalem: It happened at the bus stops where the buses to Givat Sha'ul, Har Nof, Mevasseret Zion and Zfat leave. The no. 74 bus was damaged and I assume that many Haredim are among the injured, as the bus's final destination is the haredi neighbourhood "Har Nof". 

The goal of the Palestinians is very obvious: 
The are looking for another war with Israel ! 

All photos you can see HERE  !

Further photos HERE !

Neturei Karta versus Cosmetics


In my opinion, the Neturei Karta should not receive any attention. Nevertheless, I am writing about the Neturei Karta craziness in brief, as I want to point out their Sikarikim - Behaviour.

The haredi site KIKAR SHABBAT is reporting about an incident taking place in the Ge'ulah (next to Mea Shearim / Jerusalem) neighbourhood. Someone, obviously the NK, sprayed the word "Pritzut - Prostitution" on a shopwindow belonging to a haredi cosmetic store. 

Haredi women, even women in Mea Shearim, love to use cosmetics. Make - up or lipstick. But the Neturei Karta only wants to see women as an ugly housewife or peferrably "locked up".

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Purim Tish in Toldot Avraham Yitzchak 5771

The TAY Chassidim look really finished.

The Toldot Avraham Yitzchak Tish is always wild. Mostly due to Rebbe Shmuel Yaakov Kahn but you simply have to love this Rebbe.

And now, we are coming to the Belzer Purim Tish 5771. The Belzers are extremely disciplined and there is no messing around ! Everything is in order. Even the fruit served at the end of every Tish.

And here is one of the two Satmarer Rebbes, Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, at his Purim Tish.

Neturei Karta Purim Public Relation


As soon as a camera is around, some nutty uneducated Neturei Karta guys start burning the Israeli flag. Always looking for public relations in order to show the rich donors in New York that the Neturei Karta in Mea Shearim actually does something. 

The truth is: Who cares ?

Purim Tish in Chassidut Bobov 5771 / 2011

Mercaz Mosdot RUZHIN - BOYAN

Monday, March 21, 2011

Purim & (Santa) in Mea Shearim


Mea Shearim is celebrating Purim but, oh no, it happened again. Haredi kids dressing up as Santa Claus and don't even know for what the costume stands.:-)

English ZOHAR Translation


One of my readers had sent me an e - mail in order to find out which English ZOHAR translation I am using. Now I cannot find his e - mail address anymore and hope that he is still reading my blog, as here is the answer:


Translated by Maurice Simon and Dr. Paul P. Levertoff


Secular Jews and Gentiles using a religious Jewish Library

"Sifriat HaRAMBAM - Rambam Library" at "Beit Ariella", Tel Aviv.

Photo: Miriam Woelke


For far more than ten years, the "Jewish National Library" in Jerusalem used to be my "second home". If I could, I would have moved right in. First of all, I love books and, secondly, I am addicted to religious books and have a Beit Midrash - like collection. Talmud editions, Torah, commentaries, Rambam, Arizal, Ramchal, anything you want. 

The negative side of using the "National Library" in Jerusalem is seeing many secular Jews (e.g. professors from the HebrewU) using religious books. Not for positive purposes but to proof that Judaism is an ancient invention. What really went on my nerves are all those Gentiles creeping around. Christian theology students from Germany, for instance, who keep on looking for a proof that the Jew J. is the Meshiach and that the Jews are wrong. When I was at the "National Library" last week, I overheard a conversation between two German Christians who were eager writing about anti - Zionism by using books from Israeli professors. Without going into real sources or talking to any anti - Zionist Rabbi. And we all know what the result will be: False reports about a certain branch in Judaism told by German non - Jews !

Since I have moved to Tel Aviv, I am using the local library at the "Beit Ariella" building. In particular, the "Rambam Hall". There you find the opposite: Mainly Jews (plenty of them are religious) using the books. Of course, there are secular Jews entering as well but you don't have any eager professors running around (as in Jerusalem) and showing off with their latest publications. In "Beit Ariella", people sit quietly and actually work instead of running around like a peacock. 

The "Rambam Hall" is run by two national religious librarians and they pay attention who is entering. Now they even put a sign next to the entrance door (see photo on top):

People entering the "Rambam Hall" should wear modest clothes !

This is a wise decision, as too many women enter religious libraries who are hardly dressed. 

Pieced of advice: Those of you who live in Tel Aviv and are interested in Halacha - The "Rambam Hall" has the greatest halachic collection I have ever seen !

When a Jewish Israeli car enters Arab East Jerusalem

Purim in Boro Park / New York

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Interview with TAMAR FOGEL from Itamar


A little more than a week ago, 12 - year - old Tamar Fogel returned home from a youth trip and found her parents and three of her siblings brutally murdered. A few days ago, the Israeli second TV channel interviewed Tamar (see video below).

Tamar Fogel says that her parents always supported "Achdut". Jews should not fight each other.  Jonathan Pollard ' s second wife, Esther, had come to the Shiva and given  a teddy baer to Tamar. The 12 - year - old admires Jonathan Pollard and calls him a "Zaddik - Righteous" who has been in jail for 28 years.

Until about five years ago, the Fogel family had been living in Gush Katif until former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon gave Gush Katif to Gaza (and thus, to the Hamas). Tamar Fogel wants more settlements to be build. Furthermore, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to the Fogels' sitting Shiva and said: "Hem Rotzchim, anachnu bonim - They are murderers, we build !" Tamar Fogel states that, later on, she spoke to Netanyahu privately and asked him why he wants to build settlements and then, influenced by foreign politicians, throws the settlers out again.

I really admire Tamar for not going crazy and keeping up her ideology. As she says in the interview: "Everything comes from G - d !"

Should the pictures of the massacre of the Fogel family have been published ?

Bnei Brak is celebrating Purim

See all photos HERE !



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Behind the Mask


The name of G – d does not appear once in the entire “Megillath Esther – Book of Esther” and we may get the impression that it was all Esther and Mordechai saving the Jews in those days. The “Megillah” seems to be rather secret and each of the persons is acting in a sometimes rather strange and hidden way. On the other hand, we do suspect G – d standing behind all this including the miracles. 

G – d is not acting openly on a daily basis and most times we don’t even suspect Him behind an incident happening to us. He acts behind a mask and the “miracle” is not carried out as a public matter. The same happened in the “Book of Esther” where all incidents seem to be a coincidence. Mordechai saving the king and the king going through the records and discovering Mordechai’s involvement.

When G – d is ruling His world and our daily lives, He does not see a need in acting openly but does it in many hidden ways we don’t even notice. We should learn to look behind the mask and appreciate everything positive happening to us.

Purim for the Needy


Everyone is talking about Purim and Happiness but not too many people mention that there are countless Jews who cannot afford Purim. Those who cannot afford buying expensive presents or eating good food at the "Purim Se'uda".

Various Israeli help organizations try providing Purim gifts for needy families. Especially in the religious communities. Furthermore, the Tel Aviv bus organization DAN is sending out at bus with Purim attractions. In the following video, we see the bus in haredi Bnei Brak.

Purim Tish in Vishnitz


Tel Aviv is celebrating Purim and tomorrow night, most chassidic groups in Bnei Brak are giving huge Purim Tishes. Instead of running around in Jerusalem, I am concentrating on the events in Bnei Brak and will be there tomorrow night. Among others, Chassidut Vishnitz (both "Rebbes") is giving its famous Tish and I hope I will be able to get it, as it is going to be overcrowded.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Purim with chassidic Rebbes from Israel


Purim Tish at Chassidut Toldot Avraham Yitzchak, the Mishkenot Ha'Roim, Kaliv and Chassidut Rachmastrivka.

פורים אדמורים גולדשטיין from bhol on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Purim Tish in Belz 5770

Rabbi Mordechai Machlis on Purim 5771 / 2011

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginzburgh on Parashat Zav

Online: MEGILLATH ESTHER in Hebrew / English


Please find the "Book of Esther - Megillath Esther" in Hebrew and English HERE !

False Converts buying their Conversion Certificate cannot make Aliyah


The Sephardi Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, admitted that the Rabbanut (Chief Rabbinate) has a list with names of Rabbis from abroad and Israel, selling illegal conversion certificates. Especially Rabbis in the US and Europe.

As a matter of fact, it is extremely hard finding out about those cases of criminal Rabbis. The only witnesses are those Gentiles who actually intend to buy a conversion certificate and are not willing to go through the entire conversion (to Judaism) procedure. Those false converts are fakes, as they never intend to keep any Mitzvot and those people will never be Jewish ! For instance, I know about an American millionaire who wanted to marry a Schickse but, first, make her Jewish in an easy way. He went to the Yeshiva Ohr Sameach in Jerusalem and offered money for a fast conversion certificate. The Yeshiva refused his criminal offer.

Years ago while still living in Germany, the Rabbi of our Orthodox community turned out to be a crook. Today, Rabbi Netanel Wurmser is the Chief Rabbi of Stuttgart / Germany:
Rabbi Shlomo Amar spoke to some government officials and together they try to refuse Aliyah to those converts who bought their conversion certificate.  This procedure is not new, as the Rabbinate has been investigating for years but my suggestion is to openly publish the list with the names of the criminal Rabbis.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leaving an animal at an Inn


The following teaching from the Talmud Tractate Avodah Zarah (Idol – Worship) 22a seems to fit into ancient times but may not really apply today. Nevertheless, I find it quite interesting.

The Mishna (oral law from Mount Sinai) teaches that a Jew should not park his animal (donkey, camel, horse, etc.) at an inn of a Nochri (Gentile) innkeeper, as the innkeeper may get attracted to the animal and rape it. The prohibition is leaving the animal alone with the Gentile. Some Rabbis, on the other hand, claim that the Mishna here speaks about a Gentile innkeeper taking care of the animal of his Jewish guest.

Sounds strange ?

Sex with animals sounds rather common when we look into ancient daily life and desires. Even Bilam had sex with his she – donkey (see Talmud Sanhedrin).

Ta'anit Esther


Tomorrow is TA'ANIT ESTHER - Fast of Esther and you can find all kinds of information HERE

It is hard to believe that Purim is ahead, as it is sunny and warm in Israel. Usually it is cold and rainy on Purim. However, this year, the holiday is falling into ADAR BEIT and the delay may have brought us some nicer weather.

The ABU MAZEN Map for Palestine

 How should a Palestinian state look like according to Abu Mazen ?

Picture of the Day

Earthquake in Japan

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Drunk on Purim are a "Chilul Hashem"


About three years ago, I came with a friend from the "Megillah" reading at the Breslover Synagogue in Mea Shearim and we witnessed a rather "funny" situation. We were walking through Mea Shearim Street and had almost reached Kikar Shabbat, as we saw some Chassidim throwing water out of a bucket from a balcony on one of the upper floors. Some young Yeshiva guys downstairs were soaked with water and started yelling towards the Chassidim upstairs: "We are Americans !"

As soon as they had screamed this sentence, the Chassidim brought another bucket and again spilled it over the "Americans" downstairs. My friend is Canadian and you can surely imagine that she had a great laugh. 

However, this article is not about the competition between Canadians and Americans but about drunkards on Purim. Of course, young American Yeshiva guys, never mind if Ohr Sameach or MIR, are getting totally drunk. On the other hand, the Toldot Aharon are stumbling around as well and we saw them rolling under and over the Rebbe's Tish on Shushan Purim. At the Toldot Avraham Yitzchak, a Chassid was laying half unconscious under the Rebbe's table; just keeping himself up with one arm. 

Now some Rabbis point out that drunkards on Purim are a "Chilul Hashem - Desecration of G - d". Especially when they are drunk and still driving a car.

"Ad de lo Yada" may be a Mitzvah and the Talmud says that one should drink until he doesn't know the difference between Mordechai and Haman. Mea Shearim Rabbis even tell the local women to stay at home on Erev Purim because drunk men are gathering in the street and may freak and behave immodest. 

I haven't been to Mea Shearim for a few weeks but will be next week on Shushan Purim. However, I can just imagine how many Pashkevilim must be hanging around in the neighbourhood warning against "Pritzut - Prostitution (Immodest) Behaviour". Running around drunk, maybe using drugs or doing other foolish things just because it is Purim and everything seems to be allowed. 
I can't tell you how much I hate it going through Mea Shearim on Purim and seeing all those "so holy" Chassidim behaving like idiots. Mitzvah, Purim ... whatever but never forget that G - d is witnessing all this and what impression does He get ? One of the Rabbis said that a Jew should never loose his "Devekut - Nearness" to G - d and how can one do that when he is drunk ?

Two Chabadniks making a Bar Career in Tel Aviv


It is nothing unusual and nothing new that Chabadnikim are getting involved in the Tel Aviv nightlife. ALLENBY 40 and a newer bar also owned by Mendy Katan (Chabad) are well - known:

Now two further Chabadnikkim have entered a bar career in Tel Aviv:,7340,L-4035206,00.html

Why Barak Hussein Obama does not bring any Peace to the Middle East

Should the pictures of the massacre of the Fogel family have been published ?


The Israeli government decided to publish the photos of the massacred Fogel family from Itamar. The world has to see what Palestinian terror does and what we Jews have been dealing with for decades or even centuries. Unfortunately, Arab propaganda has been more efficient all over the world than showing the Israeli side.

In 2004, Israel had already decided to publish a video from a bus explosion in Jerusalem. However, the world is not interested in the Israeli side but mostly stands with the Arab terror. Either because many countries, such as Germany, are afraid that Al Khaida is also coming to them or others simply believe the Arab side and regard the Jews as the aggressor. Jewish victims don't have a lobby at the UN. The world is more interested in Charlie Sheen than in Jewish victims. The drug addict and idiot Charlie Sheen sells much better than a stabbed family from Itamar. 

I very much doubt that the publication of the photos of the massacre from Itamar will change the world opinion. Nevertheless, some people may think twice before they say something the next time. Moreover, other countries rather kept quiet instead of immediately condemning the murderous act.  

After publication, a new discussion arouse in Israel. The opposition didn't agree to the publication and thinks the world would believe Israel without violent photos of the victims. Our left - wing opposition keeps on dreaming about friendly Arabs, a teddy baer Hamas and "everything is so great if we just give in to the Arabs". On the other hand, the publication has also caused a halachic discussion. There are some rabbinic opinions that it was the right act publishing the photos but others (e.g. Yehudah Meshi Zahav) claiming that it is against Halacha, as the honour of a dead body is being violated.  

The haredi website KIKAR SHABBAT published a video showing ZAKA taking care of the dead bodies inside the house of the Fogel family: