Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When I cannot pray


Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772 - 1810) about prayer:

When someone is, for whatever reason, unable to pray, he should cry out to G - d and ask Him for help: "E - lo - kai (My G - d), please help me to talk to you. I am incapable of doing so on my own because my heart is closed and my lips are sealed !"

It was G - d who created all of us and who doesn't understand our difficulties better than Him ?

FACEBOOK is following all of us


Facebook seems to be terribly addictive to some people. Not only some but millions. Just sitting in front of the computer, exchanging messages, joining groups and making friends. Apropos friends, I think that I have about 70 friends on Facebook. The majority I don't even know personally and I am asking myself if they are my friends. I mean real friends.

I am receiving all kinds of requests for friendship. Sometimes I confirm and sometimes I don't. Actually I just rejected one guy whose Facebook page showed a huge imprint of the name of the Christian "Meshiach". This was a little too much and I couldn't figure out why he wanted me as a friend or why I need him as one. Nothing against Gentiles but the imprint with this J. was just hurting my eyes.

As we always have to look at the positive side, Facebook does have something. Finding long forgotten friends and even the groups provide information about specific subjects. On the other hand, my computer mostly gets stuck somewhere in the middle of a Facebook page or it is taking ages to switch from one page to the next. Secondly, I never know who is entering my site and thus, don't like giving too much private information.
What am I thinking or doing at the moment ? What should I answer to this ? Something funny or the truth ?

Is Zuckerberg really collecting all those information ? Are other people or companies ?

I never understood why users scan in all their private pictures. A friend of mine puts all her pets into her Facebook page. Hundreds of pictures of dogs and cats. Who needs this ?
Maybe I am too practical and don't see the point, as I like to search for reasons. I use Facebook for exchanging some messages (I still prefer regular e - mail) and to collect a few information about different topics. My time using it is limited to 15 Minutes per day.

Twitter is even more commercial, as almost everyone is just typing in a link of something. It is rather like a big publishing company than something personal.
However, I am curious to see how society is changing due to virtual friendships. Why don't you just switch of your computer and try finding real friends ?



A New Prime Minister


The new Israeli government will be sworn in this afternoon.

In other countries the Netanyahu government may be seen as totally right - wing but in Israel we just consider them as moderate. Not as left - wing as Ehud Olmert but also not too far to the right.

Bibi and the old / new Defense Minister Ehud Barak

Netanyahu with his hysterical wife Sarah. Has anyone given her any medication in order to keep her calm this time while her husband is acting as Prime Minister ?

יציאת מצריים - The Exodus


A nice movie showing the Exodus (Yeziat Mizraim) !

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cleaning the Kotel (Western Wall)

Cleaning the Kotel


This morning, the Kotel (Western Wall) had been cleaned out. Every day countless people (Jews and Gentiles alike) stick their little private notes into the wall and hope that G - d is listening to their prayers and fulfilling their wishes.

Before Pessach, all the notes are taken out and put into a Geniza.
I don't think that someone is reading through all those notes. Lets assume that everything is just put together and taken to the Geniza.
Does anyone have a halachic approach to the fact that there might be notes full of idol worship at the Geniza. Can a Gentile note full of an idol worship religion be in a Jewish Geniza ?


Yeshivat Derech HaMelech in Jerusalem

Yeshivat Derech HaMelech


A "Yeshiva" is a religious Jewish study institute. To be more precise in an Israeli sense, the term "Yeshiva" refers to the male students and the terms "Seminary or Michlalah" refer to the females. However, English speakers widely use both terms for female and male study institute.

Concentrating more on male students: When people speak about Jerusalem's Anglo Yeshivot, they mostly refer to places like AISH HATORAH or OHR SAMEACH. These two Yeshivot are famous and one of the reasons may be that they invest a lot in public relations. Furthermore, their students tell others about the Yeshiva programmes and this way, they are getting even more attention.

Another famous haredi Yeshiva is the MIR Yeshiva having a slightly more serious touch when you compare it to Aish or Ohr Sameach.
All three Yeshivot are litvish – haredi and accept students from the age of 18 onward. In order to get accepted, you have to be halachically Jewish and you should know some English or Hebrew. For those of you depending on a tight budget: Scholarships are available and, furthermore, the "moral obligation idea" is used. The students is promises that if he has money in the future, he can pay some money back to the Yeshiva. However, these three above mentioned Yeshivot usually don't send anyone away who isn't able to pay.

Unfortunately, most people looking for a study programme mostly concentrate on the big and famous Yeshivot and forget that there are smaller ones as well. Although Aish and Ohr Sameach offer specific programmes (especially for beginners), the new student shouldn't forget about his future. For instance, Aish may be good for beginners but you have to think further ahead. After a while, you feel the desire to become more advanced and then it is time to look for more. Those students decide to follow the haredi path find a great variety of Yeshivot in Jerusalem.

The Yeshiva "Derech HaMelech" is located in a smaller building right at the main road of Kiryat Mattersdorf (Jerusalem), in Sorotzkin Street No. 16. "Derech HaMelech" means something like "the way of the King" and the King is G – d.

Last week, I spoke to the administrator of the Yeshiva, Raphael Kalish, and asked him for a few further details. Before I went to Kiryat Mattersdorf I thought that, as a female, I may be a little displaced going to a guy's Yeshiva and asking questions; however, already my first impression was that the students do talk to women.

"Derech HaMelech" was founded about four years ago by Rabbi Baruch Gartner and at the moment, 35 students are studying there. Lectures are given in English and almost all the students come from the States and other Anglo countries. Nevertheless, Jewish students from all over the world are welcomed but should be able to speak English. "Derech HaMelech" accepts "Frum from Birth" people as well as Baalei Teshuva (those who became religious later on in their lives). Dormitories are available !

The Yeshiva's ideology is teaching haredi Yiddishkeit (Judaism) with a chassidic approach. This ideology seems to be unique, as most litvishe Yeshivot hardly offer any Chassidut classes or a chassidic approach. But over the past years, something has been changing a bit because also many litvishe Baalei Teshuva feel a desire for more spirituality and Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem introduced some Chassidut classes a while ago. Before, a few Aish students were just running around the corner to Chabad in order to find some "food for their souls". And , as you can surely imagine, Chabad did't want the Aish people to go back to Aish and Aish didn't want the students to have anything to do with Chabad. "Derech HaMelech, however, wants to combine regular studies and Chassidut.

If you look at the curriculum you may notice that Derech HaMelech "only offers" approx. one hour of Chassidut studies and all other classes are Talmud, Torah, etc. I asked Raphael Kalish why the Chassidut variety seems to be smaller than I expected. "If you look at the chassidic history you may become aware of the fact that most chassidic rabbis / groups taught Torah and Talmud. There were hardly any pure Chassidut classes except for Chabad and Breslov. What did take place was teaching Torah with chassidic insights and we try doing the same. If our students want to learn more Chassidut they are welcomed to do so and can do study privately.

If the students later on decide to join a chassidic group ?
Yes, some do. Once we had a student who went back to Monsey and joined the Toldot Aharon but most of our students concentrate on the more open chassidic groups. Many of us, although chassidic, still follow the "two footed concept": One foot in this world and the second foot in the chassidic world.

This makes it much easier for a newcomer to adjust into Chassidut. If he was just running after all the extremes, he would soon be depressed. Thinking about getting closer to a chassidic group and totally giving up your former life is hardly ever productive. Suddenly you miss listening to regular music, watching a movie or reading a novel. A newcomer should always take it slowly and do everything at his own pace. But, first of all, he has to find out his pace and capabilities.

Personally I liked the idea that a Yeshiva is giving some assistance to its students in this respect. Unfortunately, most institutes want you to be either way as soon as you are walking through the door. Before running over to Chabad or Breslov, you should at least try to find out about Chassidut and its great variety. Not jumping into one concept and thinking that this is it. I wish that more Yeshivot would follow this concept and not only pushing the students into one way of thinking.

Up to a certain amount, I like studying independently. Talking to people about different ideas and concepts. In a religious manner, of course, but it also is very important to keep his own personality and not just getting brainwashed and following one ideology like sheep.

How "Derech HaMelech" finances itself ?
Raphael Kalish starts laughing and points his finger towards heaven. "He is taking care of us", he says. At the moment, the Yeshiva finances itself through a generous raffle and through donations.

If I was a male and looking for a Yeshiva with a chassidic approach, "Derech HaMelech" would definitely be on my consideration list. Who of us does not know about the difficulties of becoming or being religious ? Sometimes feeling more attached to our world and sometimes more to the chassidic world. We undergo various moods and in order to make it easier, we need to be here and there. I admit that there might be people out there claiming that being here and there is not healthy and too confusing. But let me tell you from my own experience that it helps a lot when I have the feeling that my decisions don't have to be either this way or the other. The middle way can be much more productive and healthier for the soul.

Another point speaking for "Derech HaMelech" is that it is a smaller Yeshiva and the student is getting more attention than elsewhere. Bigger Yeshivot sometimes feel like factories where you walk in, get a particular shape and come out ready to function. Just like the final product of an assembly line.

At the moment, two students are receiving a scholarship from "Derech HaMelech".

Website mit allen Infos:

Photos from German Soldiers


Pictures made by ordinary German soldiers during the Second World War


The Belzer Synagogue (Belz / then Poland - today Ukraine)

A Beit Midrash not far away from Belz

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Help from Rabbi Nachman

Being alone and talking to G - d: Hitbodedut


Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was sent into this world about 200 years ago, in order to make it a little easier for his and the following generations getting through the time of Galut (Diaspora). He gave us hope, opened for us the gates of the Ge'ulah (Redemption) and making us going through.

Furthermore, Rabbi Nachman gave us the key for talking to G - d. "Hitbodedut - being alone with G - d" - that's the secret he revealed to us. "Hitbodedut" means that each of us is taking some time in order to tell all his thoughts to G - d. Being in a room alone and just emptying out one's mind. Many Breslover Chassidim like to do Hitbodedut in nature, e.g. in a forest. Every one of us should take some time every day, even only ten minutes, and just talk to G - d privately. Having a private dialogue and thus connecting to the Creator.

Israel Yitzchak Besensohn
Tel Aviv, 5761 (2001)

Crying out to G - d: Hitbodedut

Picture of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov ?


It is well - known that no picture of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov exists. What we see today is only his chair at the Great Breslover Synagogue in Mea Shearim Street / Jerusalem.

Now Avraham Chaim Biton claimed that Rabbi Nachman appeared in one of his dreams and told him to draw a picture of him. Here is the "picture" of Rabbi Nachman according to Biton's dream. You can accept it as the truth or just ignore it.

A list of Breslover Rabbi's accepting and rejecting the drawing.

Do not accept the picture:
1. Rabbi Eliezer Berland
2. Rabbi Yaaakov Me'ir Schechter

Haven't seen the picture yet:
1. Rabbi Eliezer Shlomo Schick
2. Rabbi Mordechai Elazar Koenig
3. Rabbi Morgenstern

Accept the picture:
1. Rabbi Shmuel Moshe Kremer
2. Rabbi Shalom Arush
3. Rabbi Eliyahu Godelski
4. Rabbi Aharon Yaski
5. Rabbi Shimon Teichner

If this should really be Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, then he looks like a real Breslover to me.:-)


There is a doubt if the listed Rabbis agreeing to the picture did really agree or if everything is just a false claim !!!

Pictures from Israel - Spring is Coming



Friday, March 27, 2009

Shabbat Shalom


It is sunny in Israel after two days of constant rain and being wet and freezing cold all the time. This Shabbat I am going to spend in Jerusalem and I am actually planning going to the Belz Tish if I don't fall asleep before.

There are moments when I wake up in the morning and don't know where I am anymore. I am not talking about the location but about the state of mind. Sometimes I am in the chassidic world and then I feel like having a break and keep away from anything Mea Shearim / Bnei Brak like. I am not able to be persistent in this respect and have no explanation why. Maybe I am too lazy and don't make enough efforts. On the other hand, and maybe it sounds like a dry justification, I keep on telling myself that it is just not for me and perhaps it is my task to be in both societies.

Three days ago, I interviewed a haredi Yeshiva in the haredi neighbourhood of Kiryat Mattersdorf in Jerusalem and I am going to write a report on that at the beginning of next week. There, however, I got an extreme important answer regarding my life and state of mind.

In the meantime, I am wishing everyone a great Shabbat, Shabbat Shalom, Gut Schabbes, and that at least you wake up with a clear mind !

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Toldot Avraham Yitzchak shocked

The Toldot Avraham Yitzchak Rebbe with his Chassidim on Purim 5769 / 2009.


About two weeks ago, two Israeli policemen were shot by Palestinian terrorists. The terrorists pretended to have a flat tyre when the police car stopped in order to help them. As soon as the two cops stopped they were shot in the heads. This happened near the Jordan border.

A few days later, the Toldot Avraham Yitzchak Rebbe, Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Kahn, received a phone call from the police. Some months ago, the Rebbe had visited Meron together with some of his Chassidim. They were traveling by car when suddenly a police car stopped them in the area where later on, the two cops were shot.
The Chassidim then told the police that they had a famous Rebbe in the car but those cops then insisted on giving the Rebbe a ticket.
I didn't really get the reason. Maybe they drove too fast.

However, when the police called up the Rebbe after the murderous attack, they apologized for giving him a ticket some months earlier. And if he had been so mad at them that he may have cursed the police. Was it a G - dly decree for the two murdered cops ?
The two cops being killed had nothing to do with the ticket but the police were apologizing in general.

The Toldot Avraham Yitzchak Rebbe, however, was shocked. He had the ticket accepted and never ever cursed anyone.

Matzah Baking for Pessach (Passover)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Brisker renting out his Home for Pessach


Pessach Madness

A sarkastic joke about the Brisker Pessach preparations. Not only Brisk but more and more people just turn into a "kasher le'Pessach" madness.

Sunset in Haifa


One of my favourite pictures:

Sunset in Haifa

Photo: Gil Gilad

"Birkat HaChama" 28 Years Ago


Birkat HaChama in Lubavitch (1981)

With Rabbi Eliezer Yehudah Finkel from the MIR Yeshiva

With the Edah HaCharedit

Every 28 years, the "Birkat HaChama - Blessing of the Sun" is said. This year, the event will be officially celebrated at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem and thousands of people are being expected.

The blessing reminds us of how great G - d's creation is, and symbolically speaking tells us about the sun's position at the moment of the creation of the world. According to astronomy, this is not the real moment of the sun's former position, however, our Sages chose the cyle of every 28 years years in order to let our mind grasp the concept at all.

Pictures from Umm al - Fachem


Thanks to Muqata, here is a great site publishing photos of Baruch Marzel's march in the Arab town of Umm al - Fachem yesterday. There is a lot to say about Baruch Marzel, Rabbi Me'ir Kahane, the Jewish Defense League and the subject as a whole. I am not going into it right now but just intend to name a reason why this march took place. Baruch Marzel wanted to make a clear statement: "Eretz Israel belongs to the JEWS and to NO ONE else ! Therefore, a Jew can go wherever he wants without any restrictions. No Arab can tell us where to build or which placees to visit ! Not in our own country !"


As we see, the media just jumped onto the event and guess what they reported about the march abroad. The march itself only lasted for TEN minutes and it was a peaceful one. If not, one can surely imagine how the Israeli police would have dealt with Baruch Marzel.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Lehitchazek - Strengthening"

The national religious at the Kotel (Western Wall)


When you speak to an Israeli haredi Baal Teshuva (a Jew turning religious later in life), you may hear that he or she became haredi because he wanted to strengthen himself. In Hebrew we use the term "lehitchazek" (from "Chizuk"). And when you ask any further, many times these people wishing to strengthen themselves were first national religious and then became haredi.

I was then asking myself why these people turned haredi at all. Isn't being "national religious" not religious enough ? For instance, I know many national religious sometimes being stricter than some litvishe Haredim. And, furthermore, as national religious you can at least wear whatever you want. Most wear "normal" clothes, meaning jeans and a shirt. Women don't cover their hair with wigs (sheitel) but with hats or Midpachot. Society is less strict and basically you can do whatever you want and are free. Isn't this something ? Why becoming haredi and going through all these, sometimes weird, changes ?

Years ago, when I myself was studying in a national religious Yeshiva, I suddenly got the drive to perfect myself. Being religious in the most prefect way possible. This was due to some chassidic friends I had and I should add that it wasn't their personal fault that I wanted to strengthen myself. They neither tried to missionize me nor told me to change. No, I myself had started to look at haredi society as THE perfect society. Of course, no one is perfect but generally speaking, haredi society is the way a Torah Jew should live.

Israeli Haredim sometimes look down on the national religious. "Wearing clothes like a Goi (in this case "Gentile") but being religious. This doesn't go together. Further, the national religious just pick their Mitzwot and don't keep everything".

The national religious, on the other hand, see in many Haredim fanatics. A close society with no pleasure but law.
However, I also met many national religious showing lots of respect to the Haredim and vice versa. Nothing is only black and white.

Litvishe Haredim

There are differences in the mentality of both societies and everyone has to figure out by himself where he feels more comfortable. I think that some former national religious now looking for Chizuk are simply attracted by the haredi world and later find out reality. The some know how to deal with the new society others leave or stay without making an effort to fit in. The latter is mostly taking place in the litvishe world whereas in chassidic groups one has to fit in and be part of it.

There are Jews striving for additional piety. They want to be more serious and take upon themselves further restrictions and religious tasks. Some individuals may ask themselves what G - d really wants from them. "Can't I do more ?" This is a thought I heard many times.

"What can I take upon myself this coming Rosh HaShana in order to strengthen and perfect myself ?"
Those kinds of thoughts don't mean that I instantly have to become haredi but many people still consider a Haredi more pious than the regular national religious Jew.
Why ?
The answer to that is a different one for each Jew.

Gerrer (Gur) Chassidim

When I underwent the change, I found my answer rather fast. I wasn't the type to lead a haredi life and I started asking myself if G - d really wants me to be haredi. I didn't want myself being a Haredi any longer and left society. Others being unhappy also leave or suffer through (I wouldn't recommend to anyone any "suffering through" but leave).

Shiurim Downloads


Highly recommended to those who like to listen to all kinds of Shiurim (Torah lessons):

KOL HASHIURIM in all kinds of different languages (English, French, Spanish, Yiddish, Russian, Bucharian, Farsi).

Trip to the Past - "Po - Lin, Slivers of Memory"


A new documentary is coming out in Canada, Germany, the Ukraine and in the US.

"Po - Lin, Silvers of Memory" is its name and shows Jewish life in Poland before the Holocaust. The documentary is a German - Polish co - production and put together by Jolanta Dylewska. "Po - lin" in Hebrew means "Poland".

Further information here !

"Look what's under my coat !"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Online Mikvah Calendar


For the Jewish woman observing "Taharat HaMishpacha - Family Purity Laws":


The Mikvah Calendar

One of my readers pointed out that this calendar belongs to the Chabad counting system. Please be aware of that, as other people obviously follow a different system !

"Jews are going to Hell !" – Tuvia Singer, Part 4


After two brilliant lectures, Tuvia Singer seemed to be much weaker last night. Many subjects he mentioned were mostly a repetition from the week before. Nevertheless, Tuvia had a few good points I would like to list.

The lecture hall at Jerusalem's "Israel Center" was crowded but not as much as the three times before. What I noticed it was that only very few Christians showed up this time. The lecture turned into an almost entire Jewish event.

Tuvia Singer zoomed right into the subject and stated that there are 1000 messianic communities worldwide. The goal of the "Jews for J." is to missionize Jews and turn them into believing Christians. In local phone books, messianic communities are not listed under "churches" but under "synagogues". Their structure doesn't make sense at all, as the majority of their members are not Jewish but of Christian origin. There are ideas and communities where only Jews take over leading positions in messianic communities and keep the Christians as "slaves".

"When You are Jewish and don't believe in J. as Your Meshiach, then you will go to hell !"

"If you don't accept J. as Your Meshiach, you cannot be saved. The consequence will be You burning in hell !"

These statements are supported by all churches and I don't need to explain the meaning any further.
I am going to hell and that's it !
According to the church, there is no discussion about it.

Singer took the Nazi killer Adolph Eichmann as an example.
Shortly before his execution in the Israeli town of Ramle, Eichmann confessed in the presence of a Catholic priest and thus, was saved from hell. At least according to church theology, he went straight to Paradise (Gan Eden).
The millions of Jews being killed in the Holocaust, however, went to hell because they didn't accept J, as their Meshiach.

What does the Pope have to say about this ? What would Martin Luther say ?
Well, Luther didn't care much about the Jews anyway and had been of the greatest anti – Semites ever. The Catholic church doesn't get tired of proclaiming Pope Pius as a saintly. He helped all the Jews and was so terribly holy.
But what the Vatican after the Second World War did was helping people like Eichmann to escape to South America. Organizing false papers and letting the leading Nazis run away. The Vatican ran a special department for such cases. Everything run by the Pope.
It is irrelevant what the Pope or Luther say but what does G – d say about such a ridiculous concept ? Has one of the church fathers ever raised this question ? Did G – d say that if we don't accept a false Meshiach J., we would end up in hell ?

Christianity is irrelevant to Judaism but Judaism is relevant to Christianity, as it is based on it. Where would the church be without the Jews ? There wouldn't even be a Meshiach, as J. was Jewish.
However, a Gentile should not become part of Christianity and thus, worship idols. A non – Jew should always be a Noachide. Knowing ONE G – d and not believing in any J. !

The churches love to accuse the Rabbis of all evil in this world. Countless Christians told me that Talmudic Rabbis and others first killed J. and then they have been brainwashing the Jews through Halachot because they don't want them to see the "truth".
Well, we all can imagine what their truth is.

Christians don't believe in Jewish Halacha (law) and according to Paul, anything was evil and devil's work anyway.
When anything Jewish is evil and bad, how come the New Testament is based on Judaism and its Torah ? Why is Easter falling together with Pessach (Passover) ?
Doesn't this show that even Chrisians are going according to the Jewish calendar ? Otherwise Easter could be in November.
And who is making up the Jewish calendar ?
The Rabbis.

What is happening when the Meshiach is coming ? What if there are people who don't agree that he really is Meshiach ?
According to Judaism, this could never be the case because, as soon as Meshiach is arriving, the whole world will be on a higher spiritual level and we won't question him. We won't even get such an idea, as we are on a level we have never been before. There won't be any doubt and this is one of the signs for the true Meshiach. .
Why have neither King David nor his son Salomon mentioned any J. in their prophecies ? Does G – d stress in the Torah that, as soon the Meshiach shows up, we have to accept him, otherwise we are going to hell ? There is no such a statement !

Tuvia Singer further mentioned that we have to take the Christian way of thinking into consideration. It may sound absurd to Jews but Christians (especially Catholics) drink J.'s blood, eat the piece of wafer and thus believe that now J. is part of them. Eating his flesh and drinking his blood is like J. entering their bodies. Such a weird concept had already taken place before; in pagan religions.

The subject "Shabbat" was mentioned as well. "Non – Jews are not allowed to keep the Shabbat laws !" Those special Halachot are only meant for the Jews, as the Shabbat is a special covenant between G – d and the Jews. As a matter of fact, it says in the Talmud that in G – d's eyes, a non – Jew keeping Shabbat is worth than a Jew not keeping Shabbat.
G – d has His ways to prevent other nations from choosing the Saturday as a day of rest. The Christians chose the Sunday and the Muslims chose the Friday. Only the Jews stick to the Saturday as Shabbat.
Adventists may claim that they do keep Shabbat. However, they don't keep the Shabbat Halachot.

These explanations why Jews don't accept the Christian Meshiach are not in order to spread hatred against Christians or other people but just to show that especially Christians follow the wrong concepts. According to the Jewish point of view, any Gentile should be following the Seven Noachide Laws.

After Pessach (Passover), Tuvia Singer is planning to continue his series. Then with deeper lectures about the sayings of the Prophets such as Isiah (Yeshayahu), Jeremiah (Yirmeyahu), Zechariah, Micha, and others.


The Devil and the Jews

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Streimel War

Source: Chadrei HaCharedim


Two different Streimel manufacturers, one ad ?

The left advertising poster was glued onto the wall first and a second Streimel manufacturer just stuck his poster (see on the right side) over the first one but using the first one, as if it is his own. Thus, giving the wrong impression and stealing a picture from his competitor.

Doing so is forbidden according to Halacha but, these days, everyone just wants to sell and remain in business. Who seems to care about halachic business behaviour ?

Do NOT Forget

"Granny Suicide" - the 57 - year - old Fatima al - Nejar in Gaza on 23 November 2006. She came to kill but was discovered by the Israeli army and killed by a granate.


Palestinians attacking Israelis:


Years of terror in Israel:


Remember the victims:


Further interesting and important links concerning Arab terrorism:


Why Jews don't believe in the Christian Meshiach, Part 4

Be aware of Christian Missionaries !


Tonight (Sunday) is the fourth session of Tuvia Singer talking at the Jerusalem Israel Center (OU).
Tuvia Singer is planning to explain the churche's approach to the Jewish Talmud !

"Crime Scene" - How the Church faked the Jewish Torah, Tuvia Singer Part 3

From Tuvia Singer's Website: OUTREACH JUDAISM


Previous Articles:

1. Session

2. Session

The third session held by Tuvia Singer took place at the Orthodox Union (Israel Center) in Jerusalem. There, Tuvia Singer is giving a four week lecture series on why Jews don't believe in the Christian Meshiach. And, as usual, at least a hundred people had found their way into the lecture hall. The interest is enormous and also Christians were invited. Many members of the Israel Center, however, weren't too excited of having Christians in the building and there was a controversy before the series.

Among the participants was Benjamin Kluger, a staff member of the Israeli counter missionary organization "Yad LeAchim". The fact catching my eye was that many Christians had put on some kind of a Jewish appearance. Either a Kipa and even Zizit. Some of the Christian women had covered their hair with a typical Israeli Midpachat.
Either they don't want to openly appear as Christians but, otherwise, many Christian dress up Jewish on purpose in order to undermine their claim that they are Jewish. Telling other Jews that they (the Christians) are Jews as well in order to missionize for Jews for J. The worst is when they start going on your nerves and embraces the Jews just because they are Jewish. Then this turns into too much "love" and those kind of Christians just start becoming a pain in the neck.

And just like in the previous articles about the Singer series, I want to emphasize that Judaism doesn't reject anyone. No Gentile following the Seven Noachide Laws (believing in ONE G - d, setting up a court system, no murder, no theft, no sexual perversion, no idol worship and not eating a limb from a living animal) and all of those have a place in the World to Come (Olam HaBah). However, believing in J. is not a part of the Seven Noachide Laws. There is only ONE G - d and no son or further representative.

Tuvia Singer started his lecture by stressing that Jews have to understand that there are countless Christian groups and split offs. Much more than in Judaism such as Orthodox, Reform, etc. We Jews mostly tend to look at our own religions and think that all the others work the same way but we are mistaken. Why do Jews not believe in the Christian Meshiach ? This was the main question which is being repeatedly discussed. Last Sunday night, in his third session, Singer explained Christian theology with its blood, sin and hell concept. The church here claims a Passuk (verse) from the Book of Leviticus (Sefer Vayikra) 17:11, teaching about the Temple sacrifices. All the time blood and only blood - this is how the church interprets the Passuk from the Torah. Only through the blood man is awaking G - d's mercy and find salvation.

To this statement alone I would have a lot to say and it is always an amazing how the church misinterprets sayings from the Torah. Misinterpreting and faking in order to keep the members in the church. There are always Christians who are seriously searching for a relationship with G - d but are being lied at from the church leaders. How is a Christian raised regarding his belief ?
Anything he hears about Torah, it undergoes an inner "Christian filter". This is how Christians are taught to think - through their church filter and it always takes some time until they are open to listen and to start understanding different ideologies and ideas. The church doesn't allow a thinking person to ask questions and claims that only believe would be enough. Judaism teaches its members to think and to ask questions.

In order to reach G – d's salvation (pardon), NO sacrifice has to be brought ! And sacrificing people is totally rejected and forbidden by Him. At several places, the Torah forbids idol worship sacrifices such as offering human beings. Usually Christians then refer to the story with Avraham and Yitzchak where the father went out to sacrifice his son. This is true but for Avraham it was nothing else but a test and G – d didn't want him to sacrifice his son at all. In Judaism, Teshuva (repentance) can be done by Zedakah (donations), prayer (Tefilah), or the inner regret of having done something wrong. There is no need for a sacrifice in a Temple and, by the way, the majority of sacrifices in the two Jewish Temples were not given because of sin (the Chatat) but because of the love to G – d (e.g. the Olah). Furthermore, the Chata was brought by unintentional sins.

Even the Tanach (Torah, Prophets and Writings) lists us these different ways of Teshuva and causing G – d's salvation. After the Second Temple had been destroyed, we are not allowed to bring any more sacrifices until Meshiach is building the Third Temple. Once the Third Temple is build. The Cohanim (Priests) will continue bringing the sacrifices.
But let us have a closer look at the word "sacrifice – korban (in Hebrew)". The word "korban" comes from the verb "lehitkarev" meaning getting / coming closer to something / someone. Hence, through a sacrifice we are getting closer to G – d. I can bring offerings as many as I want but the most important character trait is to honestly regret. Without regret my sacrifice is worth nothing ! And regret not only includes regret for what I have done in the past but also the intention not to repeact the act in the future. The inner way of Teshuva is accepted, even without any sacrifice in a Temple. And this is the Teshuva King David did after the incident with Batsheva; he cried out to G – d for forgiveness.

One thing we have to keep in mind:

G – d is a merciful G – d and our tears and our Teshuva (repentance) finds more acceptance by Him and more precious to Him than a few dead animals in the Temple. Kabbalistically speaking, those animals sacrificed in the Temple included reincarnated souls (Neshamot) and as soon as the animals were sacrificed, their soul was risen to a higher level and thus received a complete Tikun (soul rectification).

Further verses from the Tanach faked by the church:

1. Matthew 1 talks about a "virgin birth". This concept is not new at all, as many ancient pagan religions mention a virgin birth in connection their gods. However, Matthew had a little problem because in Yeshayahu (Isiah) is speaks about a "YOUNG WOMAN". A young woman doesn't necessarily have to be a virgin.
What did the church do ?
They faked the words in Isiah and turned the original text "YOUNG WOMAN" into a "VIRGIN". The church faked the context in order to J. into the Tanach. Due to the new meaning, Jews were killed in pogroms for many centuries. Only some years ago, the catholic admitted that the original words actually talk about a "young woman" and NOT about a "virgin". At the same time, the church added the theology that J. has to come a second time.
How ridiculous ! If J. was G –d, he wouldn't have to show up a second time in order to prove that He is Meshiach or G – d. Who could more fulfill the Torah than him ? The idea of a "second coming" is absolutely absurde !

Another example of how the church is playing with the Torah:

2. Tehillim (Psalm) 40, where King David speaks about G – d opening his ears. The church changed "ears" into "body" in order to hint to J. ? Does everyone of you understand what the church did ? They faked the Torah and turned it into something else !
Every simple bank clerk would go to jail for faking an account.

Christians think through a Christian filter and they mostly concentrate their thoughts on salvation and on being saved. They are terribly afraid of being rejected and go to hell. But even the Torah mentions different ways offering G – d's salvation. The worst fact is that, as a Jew, you will hardly find a believing Christian listening to you. And even if so, it is taking a long time for the Christian to understand you. A Jew can simply not argue with a Christian while using his ARTSCROLL Torah or Sidur, as the Christian is showing up with one of the faked church translations.

And as Yeshayahu (Isiah) 55 + 57 says:
"Search G – d wherever He is found, and call for Him when He is near !"
G – d offers salvation and receiving it can take place in many different ways. Furthermore, G – d says: "My thoughts are not your thoughts". Human beings always tend to think that G – d must think the way we think but He has different ways we don't understand.

Conclusion: There is no need for sacrifices, as we can repent and receive G – d's mercy without blood but through honest regret. With a prayer coming from the heart or with a donation.

And what about the "Son of G – d ?"
We are all sons of G – d because it was Him creating us. This, we should never forget and Christians having further questions can ask Tuvia Singer directly:


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Zidichover Rebbe passed away


The Zidichover Rebbe from New York just passed away recently. He was the father of the Toldot Aharon Rebbitzen (Jerusalem).

Unfortunately, I don't have too many information about Chassidut Zidichov and whoever wants to add more is welcomed to do so.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Shabbat Shalom


Spending Shabbat in Jerusalem this time but I still haven't really made up my mind about how. In my case, everything depends on a mood. There are times when I feel really religious and I behave this way, and there are times when I simply cannot face any religious. This is the situation today and I will see which side to take.

Hopefully you are in an easier position to choose and "Shabbat Shalom - Gut Shabbes" to all readers.

I know I should have published the last report on the Tuvia Singer session long ago but I hadn't have the time and will do so before his next lecture on Sunday night.

War Crime Accusations against Israel


War crime accusations against Israel ? Here is the answer, and all anti - Semites and Israel haters should have a look at it:


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Civil Marriages ? YES, but …


The main goal of Avigdor Lieberman (Israel Beitenu) is introducing civil marriages in Israel. Before joining the coalition, Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) had to promise Lieberman that those kind of marriages would be allowed according to the law. And as the Sephardi haredi SHASS party may be joining the coalition as well and therefore a compromise had to be found.

Until now, Israeli Jews who want to get married have to ask for permission from the Rabbanut (Chief Rabbinate). Only then they are allowed to marry. Non - Jewish (except for Muslims who are allowed to marry among each other) couples have to go abroad in order to get married.

Lieberman doesn't show any Yiddishkeit and wants ALL couples to get married in a civil way and without any Rabbanut.
Such a law introduction is still impossible in Israel and even if our country is anything but officially religious, Judaism totally rejects mixed marriages. Unfortunately, in the States or in England, more and more Jews are going astray as soon as they marry a Gentile. This is a tragedy for the Jewish people as a whole and Jews should, before getting married to a Gentile, think about the severe consequences such as having non - Jewish kids (in case the mother is not Jewish). Think about your identity, people's history and soul uniqueness first instead of running after sexual desires.

In Judaism there is nothing like being a Jew by only having a Jewish father but not a Jewish mother. Those having a Gentile mother and a Jewish father are Gentiles themselves. As well as those where the Gentile mother underwent a Jewish Reform or Conservative conversion. Conservative or Reform conversions don't make anyone Jewish but those "converts" are still Gentiles. Children are only Jewish if the mother is a halachically born Jew or converted to Judaism in an Orthodox way !

Jews marrying a non - Jew are causing another Holocaust and having a part in the destruction of the Jewish people. A Holocaust as the one carried out by the Nazis or when a Jew is converting to Christianity.

In Israel, mixed couples have to take negative remarks from their surrounding into consideration. Even the secular don't stop whispering that one partner is not Jewish. Israelis may be open but there also is a limit and then society reacts against something. Let alone the kabbalistic explanation that Jews and Gentiles have different souls (Neshamot) and that these two different soul don't fit together in a marriage. Gentiles have to marry one of them and Jews have to marry a Jew. The only exception is when the Gentile partner honestly converts to Judaism in an orthodox manner.

The Russian Lieberman wants all the non - Jewish Russians in our country (and the majority of Russian immigrants is NOT JEWISH) to have a chance of getting married without traveling abroad. Furthermore, Lieberman also supports marriages between Jews and Gentiles. Netanyahu, on the other hand, would never get such a law through the Knesset and even if, the religious would hate him for the rest of his life.
Now, the following compromise was made:
The spiritual leader of the litvishe Haredim, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliyashiv, as well as the Gerrer Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Alter, stated that Israel can have civil marriages but ONLY FOR GENTILES GETTING MARRIED AMONG EACH OTHER. However, JEWS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MARRY GENTILES IN ISRAEL !

No one is being bothered by Gentiles marrying each other but we are not willing to allow marriages between Jews and Gentiles and thus, face or own Jewish destruction.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Dependencies of Chassidic Groups", Part 1 - Satmar


The Satmarer Rebbe Yoel Teitelbaum survived the Holocaust due to the fact that his name was on the list of the Kasztner Train. Together with 1368 people, he was rescued and sent to Switzerland.

The chassidic majority of Eastern and Central Europe vanished during the Holocaust. In March 1944, the Germans invaded Hungary and at the time, over 450.000 Jews were living in the country. Seventy per cent of Hungarian Jewry were deported and murdered by the Germans.
Three million (90 % of Polish Jewry) were killed in the Holocaust. Fewer than 300.000 Polish Jews survived.

Rebbe Teitelbaum reached New York in 1947. He then was 61 years old and anxious building up a new community in New York.
Those Chassidim getting to New York after the war saw their common goal in recreating a chassidic world as it had been before the Holocaust. Was there any time at all to mourn for friends and family members ?

Slowly slowly, new communities were built, including Mikwaot, Synagogues, Yeshivot and even the dress codes changed. Eastern European Chassidim brought with them their own fashion. Long beards and kaftans, even a Shatnez institution was established.

But the New World in America brought further new challenges. The first change was that in New York, no one can isolate himself but is forced, in one way or the other, to deal with society. With Gentiles, secular Jews, unemployment and other social issues, housing and health.
Thus, a new level of leadership was required and Rebbe Teitelbaum with his Torah knowledge and piety wasn't able to face all the modern challenges in a different world. Therefore, the Rebbe appointed Rabbi Lipa Friedman, a former bank director from Czechoslovakia, as a community president. From 1948 - 1972, Rabbi Friedman was running the Satmar court.

How could Chassidim find a job in New York ? In a modern society with radios and TV sets. With cinemas, a world where the English language dominates. Chassidim who hardly new the language and lacked secular education and knowledge. Most Chassidim worked as teachers, Kashrut supervisors, tailors or electricians. In 1966, a young Satmarer Chassid, Irving Goldstein, started his career with his first camera store, grew bigger and bigger and thus, provided jobs.

Rebbe Teitelbaum, and not only him but any other Rebbe around as well, was into study and prayer and, in their earlier life, had never been confronted with job training, arranging loans, fundraising, negotiating with politicians, etc. Of course, then the Satmarer Rebbe appointed Rabbi Friedman as a middleman but the funds had to come from somewhere. Re - establishing a chassidic community costs large sums of money and hardly any Chassid brought money with him. Chassidic groups suddenly depended on rich donors; American Jews who tried to help setting up new communities.

And with these kinds of donations, another problem came up. How far can a wealthy donor influence the group ? Let's assume that there is a rich charismatic donor who doesn't just want to hand over a check but demands a position within the group. Even an invisible position but where he still decides certain issues usually the Rebbe is taking care of.
Who then started really ruling the groups ? Still the Rebbe (and I am not talking only about Satmar but about any other chassidic group settling in New York) or the donor who is not a part of the group at all; let alone a Rabbi but a businessman.

Was a chassidic Rebbe able of holding his position or did he become a donor puppet ? And how about today, as donations have to keep on floating; otherwise most chassidic groups would be bankrupt.
Before the Holocaust, a Rebbe was everything but after the war, everything changed and more and more other people came to power. Important Rabbis within the group, donors from the outside, maybe even the American government or senators.

How depended is a chassidic Rebbe today ?
I once had a discussion with someone on FACEBOOK about the topic and found it quite interesting. I had never thought about it and maybe you haven't either. However, I think it is important to mention it and I wonder if the group members themselves are aware of it as well.


"Hasidic People" by Jerome R. Mintz

Sderot Media Center


Reports from SDEROT.

The daily life under terror and with Kassam rockets from Gaza.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watch out: Christian Missionaries offer a Pessach Haggadah



Christian missionaries are offering a Pessach Haggadah !

Read more
here and please sign the petition !!!

Four Years in Jail for Elchanan Buzaglo


The 28 - year - old Michal (not her real name) is more than happy and she even jumped up when she heard the verdict. "There is a G - d. A G - d of righteousness and not THEIR G - d".

"Their" G - d.
With this expression she is hinting to the anti - Zionist umbrella organization Edah HaCharedit sending the 29 - year - old Elchanan Buzaglo after her in order to bring back Michal on the path of modesty. Buzaglo met her and kicked her all over her body. He brutally beat her up but Michal wasn't his first "job".

The Edah HaCharedit paid 2000 Dollar to Buzaglo who got arrested and now was convicted by an Israeli court of spending four years in jail and paying a fine of 10.000 Shekels (approx. 500 Dollar).

The life of Michal is very typical for a young woman leaving haredi society. Already at the age of 16, Michal knew that haredi society wasn't for her. Her parents were horrified and did what many haredi parents to in such a case: They looked for a Shidduch in order to marry her off, give her responsibility and loose all her thoughts about running away. Once you have your own kids and a family, you will realize your purpose in life and don't follow your (Yetzer). And, furthermore, there suddenly is a husband watching you.

Michal got married to an 28 - year - old guy although her parents had told her that he is only 23.

Sometimes the plan works out but not in the case of Michal. Despite she had been a mother of three by the age of 22, at the age of 25 she left her family. Right after she had left, her husband took the three children (today at the age of 6, 10 and 11 years) and escaped to the US. Mainly because he wanted to prevent an Israeli court from granting custody to the children's mother.

Michal started working in the wig business and also looked for a new husband. One she would love. Furthermore, she completely left haredi society. The Edah decided to bring her back to Zniut (modesty) and not ashaming everyone. Then the hitman Elchanan Buzaglo met Michal and beat her up. Usually, most Edah victims keep quiet but Michal went to the police.

Many Haredim want to appear so terribly religious without even realizing that they are just the opposite. A "Chilul HaShem - Desecration of G - d's name" and I am asking myself how important a society really is. How far can people go in order to protect their life but not G - d ? It is those parents and the acts of the Edah giving a bad name to society and not Michal.



No Gentile Hair in Jewish Wigs


The main litvishe Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliyashiv and the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi and present spiritual leader of the Sephardi - haredi SHASS party, Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, are against married women (including divorcees and widows) wearing wigs. The two Rabbis simply don't like the Sheitel (wig) and now they made a new decree where a wig worn by a Jewish woman should not include Gentile hair.

The hair covering by Sheitels has been causing countless discussions and disputes. Chassidut Breslov chose the easiest way out: Their women simply don't wear wigs at all.

Rabbi Eliyashiv and Rabbi Yosef also claimed that women shaving their hair off are totally wrong. It shouldn't be this way.
However, what kind of chassidic women are still shaving off their hair today ? The Toldot Aharon have it in their Takanot and in their group it is a MUST. The Toldot Avraham Yitzchak see the issue a little less important, and I myself saw a few Avraham Yitzchak women with hair under their Shabbat hair cover. You can see it well when it is dark but some light shines into a room.
Furthermore, some followers of the Chatam Sofer shave it off but who else ? Women belonging to bigger groups such as Belz, Vishnitz or Satmar wear a wig (with a white "Tichel" on Shabbat).

The Toldot Aharon are famous for showing hatred against wig stores in the Mea Shearim - Ge'ulah neighbourhood and some stores were even burned down in the past. I am not accusing the Toldot Aharon in particular but whoever carries such a wig hatred inside of himself apparently did it.

Another issue is Gentile hair (mostly wigs Made in India) in Jewish wigs. Have the Indians done any idol worship with the hair before they manufactured it ?
At many places such wigs are banned and now the two famous Rabbis followed suit.

Who wants the Pope in Israel ?


Who wants the Pope in Israel ?
Only Israeli politicians considering better relations to the Vatican and the rest of the world. Does the wider Israeli population care about the Pope ? The answer is NO ! No one wants him here, especially not the Jewish religious population.

On May 12, the Pope is due to visit the Kotel (Western Wall), and as he loves to appear with his gigantic idol worship cross, the Chief Rabbi of the Kotel, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, already shows concern. For religious Jews, a cross is like a swastika, as it reminds us of more than a thousand years of pogroms, sufferings and missionizing innocent Jews.

Rabbi Rabinovitch wants the Pope not to appear with a cross at the Kotel offending the Jewish religion.
Doesn't the Pope just get it by himself ? Obviously not, as he prefers anti - Semites (see Williamson).

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Purim in Mea Shearim

View over Jerusalem from the roof of the Ruzhin - Boyan Synagogue


Whereas other places had already stopped celebrating Purim, Jerusalem is adding a second day called "Shushan Purim". Usually Mea Shearim has huge celebrations including chassidic Tishes with all the Rebbes. All places are open what many outsiders don't know. And my friend and I were lucky, as not too many Israeli tourists ran to the Tishes as on Sukkot. The streets were not divided and everyone was able to manage; men and women.

The Tishes started at sunset and our first stop were the Toldot Aharon where it was packed as usual. However, we were able to climb up one of the metal benches and get a glimpse at Rebbe David Kahn and his Chassidim. Usually the Rebbe is very serious and organized but last Shushan Purim was the first time I saw him looking a little different. His Peyes (side curls) were almost upside down and he looked as if he hadn't slept the whole night.

We already wanted to leave as a younger Toldot Aharon woman came up to me and said that she had noticed me many times at the Tishes. According to her words, she noticed everything going on and I told her that she can ask whatever she wants. No, she didn't want to ask anything but kept on saying that obviously I am curious about the group. In a positive way.

As she used the expression "curious" over and over, I told her that I am also writing on the Internet about chassidic groups. Who my readers would be, she asked.
Haredim, secular, Gentiles, whatever, I responded.
This was the end of our conversation and she just left.
The situation was just strange to me because when you come up to someone you ask questions but my friend claimed that we don't really fit into any category. We regularly come to the Tishes but are neither seminary girls nor anything haredi or whatever. Actually we don't belong to any group and don't intend to join one of them.

Whoever has an idea why the woman came up to ask is welcomed to write a comment !

Anyway, our next stop were the Toldot Avraham Yitzchak not too far away. The other Kahn brother, Rebbe Shmuel Yaakov, still looked pretty quiet and ate. His choir / band was a slightly out of tune but maybe it got better later on.

The Toldot Avraham Yitzchak

Next stop: The Neturei Karta.
The Neturei Karta has a beautiful Synagogue but there wasn't a real Purim celebration. Instead a few drunk guys were running up and down on a table.

The Neturei Karta Synagogue in Mea Shearim

Next stop: The Mishkenot HaRoim
The best band; swinging and really loud but full of joy.
Rebbe Chaim Rabinovitch was sitting in the middle and people could come up and talk to him.

The Mishkenot HaRoim with Rebbe Chaim Rabinovitch

Next stop: Stropkov
All women there were glued onto the Mechitzah (separation between men and women), and there was no way of pushing ourselves through. So we left and went to the Shomrei Emunim.
The Shomrei Emuni had a pleasant surprise, as they had set up a bigger screen on the Ezrat Nashim. Thus, the women were able to watch the Rebbe and his Chassidim closely. The screen was a great idea !

Next stop: Karlin - Stolin
A less pleasant surprise did we experience at Karlin - Stolin, as they had covered the tent where the Chassidim were celebrating outside with curtains. In order to see something, we and some other women went down and stood next to the tent. After a while a Chassid and a Karliner woman came up to us and told us to stand further away.
Further away behind the curtain.

Karlin - Stolin

We left, as we are not "behind a curtain fans" and went to Kretchnif. The Kretchnifer Synagogue was almost empty but we saw the Rebbe dancing which was very nice to see. I love to see him dancing, as he has a very special way of doing so.

Our last stop was Ruzhin - Boyan, and they were the best that night. Hundreds of Chassidim and women upstairs were there and as a special surprise they had a few Chassidim standing on the huge table in the middle, right in front of the Boyaner Rebbe. The Chassidim held up a Chuppah and it looked like a wedding celebration. I asked one of the Boyaner women what was going on and she told me that every time they are thinking about different ways of entertainment.
The dancing, the Rebbe, the Chuppah ceremony, everything was very nice to see and when we left, I was finished and could hardly move my legs anymore.

Modesty sign in the Mea Shearim Market. Customers should only enter the store when they wear modest clothes !

The pictures were all taken by my friend !