Sunday, November 25, 2012

This Blog is moving to WORDPRESS


No further articles are going to be posted on this Blog, as I have moved to WORDPRESS !!!

I am sorry for all the inconveniences but Blogspot has a new policy saying that, once your free picture space is gone, you have to pay. Well, also Wordpress is offering such a policy but, once my space is gone, I am going to transfer the free stuff into a professional paid Wordpress site.

I am not deleting this blog and people will still be able to read it. You can also comment on articles.

The new Blog design on Wordpress is a bit different but I am sure that we are all getting used to it. I need to fill in the link list and a header pic but there is no rush. In the course of time, everything is going to improve. 

The negative thing regarding the new Blog is that I couldn't get my former URL only saying SHEARIM but was only able to get

Well, I am not from Mea Shearim but this was the closest URL name to Shearim.:-)

Please find the new SHEARIM on

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to delete your Facebook account


Besides deactivating your Facebook account, it is actually possible to also DELETE it. The video is extremely helpful and it worked fine with me.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A few words on YAAKOV


Yaakov is moving to Haran and I am moving my blogs from Blogspot to Wordpress. :-)

Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky commentated that, for the first 63 years in his life, Yaakov studied Torah with his father Yitzchak, and then he was escaping Esav and fled to Haran. Yaakov needed the spiritually from the Torah of Shem and Ever in order to survive his upcoming surroundings, as uncle Lavan wasn't such a nice relative. Lavan focused his life on the power he gained through his sorcery and on money. Sounds like a really nice guy and I think that many of us have someone like that as a family member. Not necessarily dealing in sorcery but running after money.

Yaakov hardly ever faced happy times in life. There was the war with Esav, he lived in the Diaspora with greedy Lavan, his beloved Rachel passed away, his sons quarreled and the whole incident with Yosef. 

Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with Yaakov but during the past few days while hundereds of rockets were shot from Gaza onto Israeli territory, I sometimes dreamt about being somewhere else in the world where that are neither rockets nor any worries about an upcoming war. Every few minutes, the Israeli radio kept on announcing further rocket alarms and sirens. Twice, Jerusalem got attacked. The last time on Wednesday when a Fajr 5 (Made in Iran) was flying towards Jerusalem but almost hit a Palestinian village in Gush Etzion (south of Jerusalem).

When I looked at all those nice pictures at Google + or on other sites I saw romantic beaches, nature as well as photos from people's daily lives. An ordinary life and not like ours waiting for the next rocket alarm and don't know where to hide. But, still, I am glad to live in Israel and not anywhere else. Despite all those bad news there was time to concentrate on enjoyable things in life. I was having coffee with friends, walked around in nature and I got this desire buying books. Novels only in order to grab a book and sit somewhere and read. Just to keep your mind going. At least until the next bad news or alarm.

By Sunday or Monday, I will be done organizing my new Shearim blog and let you know the URL. As I already said earlier, I am keeping this blog and will set lots of links between the old and the new Shearim !

Shabbat Shalom to all readers !  

Moving Blog


I have been facing tremendous problems with Blogger lately. Especially when it comes to uploading pictures. I keep on getting the error message that a Picasa album, I don't really have, has not more free space available and if I want to upload further pictures I need to pay.

I am not willing to make such a fuss with Blogger and therefore decided, to move Shearim to Wordpress. This is still a lot of work and it won't happen within the next few hours but rather next week or so. 

I wanted to integrate the entire Blogger blog into Wordpress but this is not that easy. Too many technical issues and what I am going to do is keep the present blog but refer to my future Wordpress blog and set links. Other Blogger have done the same and it seemed to have worked out for them. 

I apologize for all those inconveniences and will soon let you know the new blog URL.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cease - fire between Israel and Hamas


I have neglected this blog within the past few days because I was writing about the rocket war from Gaza on one of my German blogs. Now Netanyahu has agreed to a cease - fire and it is quiet. People in southern Israel, especially in Ashkelon and Beersheva, are leaving their bomb shelters and fill the streets enjoying the first quiet moments while the Hamas is celebrating in Gaza. 

Neither the Israeli nor the Hamas government spoke about the cease - fire conditions. What I do know is that the problem is far from being solved. Netanyahu thinks that he won, Hamas is having its party of success and the big looser is Abu Mazen and his Fatach. 

I expected that Netanyahu won't show any guts and give in to Obama and Hillary Clinton. Now we are in the same position as we were after the first Gaza war under Olmert. Nothing has changed. Hamas still has its missiles and Israel is hoping for a permanent cease - fire. 

It could be that the cease - fire turns out to be stable but what is going to happen to Sderot, Netivot and other small Negev towns ? The rockets are going to come back and the rest of the country as well as the world won't bother with a rocket or two falling onto Sderot from time to time.

Anti - Israel demonstration in San Francisco, 16 November 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The daily rocket Life

Street Talk in Tel Aviv: 

"And where are you when the siren (rocket alert) starts ?"

Ibn Gavirol Street / Tel Aviv

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Sunrise in Jerusalem

View from my balcony this morning

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Monday, November 19, 2012

Photos from Zfat in northern Israel

The Zanzer Klois in the old city

Photos: Miriam Woelke

The daily struggle through the war


I will be in Tel Aviv tomorrow and hope that I don't need to suffer through another rocket attack. The one in Jerusalem last Friday was more than enough. 

It is quiet in Jerusalem but the inhabitants of the southern regions are the ones suffering almost without a break. 

Picture of the Day

Source: Unknown

Why the Jew J. is not the Meshiach


It sounds a kind of ridiculous but the present fact is that especially Christian missionary groups such as the Evangelical Christians or the Jews for J. love to speak up against the Muslim world in the days of war. They simply love using the "We stand with Israel" method but the truth is that they are another kind of enemy to the Jews, as those people only act with one goal: Proselytizing Jews to Christianity.

Satmar & Neturei Karta against Israel


What those crazy anti - Zionist demonstrators seem to ignore: There are Jews being injured or, Chas veChalilah, killed by Hamas rockets !  

For me those sickos are just EREV RAV and not frum Jews ! I can even see them going against David HaMelech because he had Moabite ancestors

Well, guys be proud of yourself ! The Arab world is using you as cheap propaganda and I am tempted to lock you up inside of a house in Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beersheva or Sderot and tell the Hamas to shoot. Demonstrating at Times Square doesn't turn you into heros but into fools.

Holding the Palestinian flag

Anti - Zionists together with Arab terrorists

See all photos HERE

War Reports


I have been more concentrating on reports regarding the present situation in Israel and less on religious matters. It goes without saying that you will hardly find any Israeli rabbi not wishing the Arabs to Gehinnom. We are just fed up with being attacked and accused all the time. 

The Hamas hasn't only been shooting rockets onto Israeli territory for the past few weeks but for the past 12 years. The international media is only raising its voice as soon as Israel dares to strike back. Then the media sees their favourite Palestinians in danger. As long as Israelis are getting injured or die, no one cares. 

You may say that the times of Meshiach have arrived and that there will be wars. Nevertheless, as soon as you are personally involved, you won't think that it is funny or just the way it is. 

So far, Jerusalem has been attacked once. Last Friday, a few minutes after we lit the Shabbat candles, the sirens started and two rockets from Gaza were on their way. In the end, they went down in Gush Etzion (near Hebron and Kiryat Arba). We were lucky but only because the Arabs have their Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. I just wish that a rocket would hit that building but, in this case, the Arab world would accuse the Jews of sabotage.:-)

Assaf Farhadian from Beersheva

The university student Assaf Farhadian from Beersheva is telling the world about his daily life under rocket attack.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Today: "Mass Prayer for Israeli soldiers at the Kotel"


I read somewhere that the Neturei Karta is demonstrating in favour of Hamas and asking for the destruction of the State of Israel. My advice to those guys is: Go to Gaza and join the Hamas but don't forget your carpet for the daily prayers !

A mass prayer for Israeli soldiers is going to take place at the Kotel this afternoon:

I am seriously thinking about joining !

The modern rocket launchers of Hamas


Germany's left - wing magazine "Der Spiegel" (The Mirror) has its Middle East correspondent Ulrike Putz sitting in Beirut. From there she writes about Israel and while reading her articles, you may get the impression that she is also employed by Hizbollah and Hamas at the same time. Her content is mostly pro - Arab and against Israel, no matter what has happened.

In her latest article, Ms Putz is asking Benjamin Netanyahu to withdraw his forces, as almost all Hamas weapon arsenal had been already destroyed by the Israeli Air Force or in other words, Hamas has no more rockets and thus the war is over and Israel can go home.

Reality looks very different though. Just a few minutes ago, another rocket hit a building in Ashkelon. Hamas continues shooting its rockets and seems to have lots of weapons in store.   

Last night, the Israeli TV news broadcasted a Hamas video showing how the terror group launches its rockets. They found a very modern way and launch from underground. It won't be easy for the Israeli army to find all those new launchers. 

Further Details HERE !

This building in Ashkelon was hit by a Gaza rocket yesterday.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Live - News from Israel

About three hours ago: The IRON DOME system eliminates Hamas rockets near Tel Aviv

Rocket alert in Tel Aviv, Holon and Bat Yam almost four hours ago. Thanks to the IRON DOME, two Hamas rockets were eliminated. 

Setting up the IRON DOME near Tel Aviv

From now on, Tel Aviv and surroundings got their own IRON DOME protection. So far, the area has experienced three rocket alerts.

How does the IRON DOME works ?

The Hamas Rocket FAJR 5

Palestinian Youth abusing a Dog


Whereas in Judaism we are obligated to treat animals with respect, the Islamic world loves to abuse animals. Especially Palestinians are famous for beating their donkeys, camels, horses and dogs. 

According to Islamic ideology, dogs are seen as "impure". Nevertheless, many Palestinians living in Jerusalem have been raising dogs for the past couple of years. Either in order to sell or to keep them as a pet. 

For months, dogs have been running around in the so - called PEACE FOREST in Jerusalem. The forest is located between Talpiyot and the Arab neighbourhood of Abu Tur. Despite the proclaimed "peace", it is the mainly the Arabs using the forest. Just walking around or sitting behind trees drinking. I wouldn't recommend the forest to Jews unless you come in a group. Otherwise it is not too save walking around there. Especially not in the dark.

I have been witnessing a few times Arab kids torturing animals. Honestly, I don't know what to do in those cases. Call the police or tell the Arabs something. I don't know whether the police are dealing with such matters and the Arabs would definitely only laugh at me. 

Some weeks ago, two Arab youth caught a puppy running around in the forest. They put the puppy into a plastic bucket, closed it with and took their prey down to Abu Tur. 

A few days ago, four Arab youth started chasing another dog in the forest. They caught it, kicked it, hit is with a cable and a stick and threw stones at the animal. The dog screamed and I was just disgusted by such cruelty. It is not that they behave like this towards animals but also with humans. Those kids are being raised without showing any mercy.

The photos I took are not that sharp but are documenting how the four young Palestinians from Abu Tur are chasing a small brown dog. One of the youth had a second dog on a lead; probably serving him as a pet. At least they left the pet alone and "only" hunted down the loose dog.     

Photos: Miriam Woelke

The video shows a Palestinian children's channel. A bee (the Arab "Sesame Street") is torturing cats. I prefer just giving the Link because the video is too graphic !!!

Hamas' Claims: True or False ?

Hamas has begun its propaganda in order to get the world's sympathy. However, as usual, most of the claims and propaganda photos are false. In one case, the Hamas showed a destroyed house in Israeli Kiryat Malachi with the claim that this house was destroyed in Gaza.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sunrise in Jerusalem

Photo: Miriam Woelke

The Israeli Home Front Command on "Where to flee when missile alert is taking place"

The Israeli Home Front Command PIKUD Ha'OREF on where you should look for shelter in case of missile alert

Thursday, November 15, 2012


The sky over Jerusalem

Photo: Miriam Woelke

I was planning a much more detailed Torah Parasha but the rocket attacks on Israel became a higher priority. Especially the three people who got killed by rockets this morning: A Chabad family staying in the Negev town of Kiryat Malachi. The family living in India and involved in Chabad outreach had only come to Israel in order to give birth to their baby.

The main incident in this week's Parasha TOLDOT is Yitzchak blessing Yaakov and not Esav. Rivka (Rebecca) had told her favourite son Yaakov to wear Esav's clothes and get the blessing of the firstborn from his father. Were Rivka and Yaakov cheating ?

The SEFAT EMET (the former Gerrer Rebbe Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter, 1847 - 1905) sees the "hidden G - d" all over this Parasha. G - d is hiding everywhere in this world. In any incident happening to us, everywhere we go. Most of the time we don't even realize it neither do we think about G - d being involved. How can He be involved if I am not getting the job I applied for, the husband / wife I wanted or a lottery win ? Because G - d knows what you should get and what is good for you. Thus, He acts in hidden manners in order to get you onto the right path. 

The job you really really wouldn't have turned out to be too for you in the end. Rivka knew the result in case Yitzchak was blessing Esav first. So, she had to take action and this is where G - d shows His hidden face. 

Our task is to seek for the hidden G - d in our daily lives and everywhere in this world in order to get closer to Him. The difference between G - d and us is that He sees the whole picture and we only see a small part of it.

LIVE - Israeli TV Reports

Zewa Adom - Sirens in Beersheva, Bat Yam, Rishon and Tel Aviv


A Fajr Rocket from Gaza went down outside Rishon LeZion about an hour ago. No one was hurt

A Fajr Rocket from Gaza hit Tel Aviv about 15 minutes ago. The inhabitants heard a huge explosion but no one knows any details so far. 

Further rocket alerts are being reported from Beersheva, Bnei Brak, Rehovot and Bat Yam. 

How Israelis experience the Hamas Rocket attacks

The daily life in southern Israel

Israeli school kids during the rocket alarm

The Israeli majority is supporting Netanyahu and his striking back. The population is really sick of all those rocket attacks carried out by Hamas terrorists. It is nothing new but it has been going on for years and the world mostly kept silent. It wasn't worth reporting about Israeli southern regions being bombed but, as soon as the Israeli army stroke back, the entire world jumped. Suddenly it was the Palestinians being victimized and Israel was accused of being the aggressor. 

How would the US react if Mexicans or radical Muslims were shooting rockets onto the southern states ? Just let go, as the world is expecting Israel to react ?

Armon HaNatziv and Avraham


The Jerusalem neighbourhood "Armon HaNatziv" (Talpiyot - East) is located rather far away from the city center; you can find it behind the Promenade and Talpiyot / Arnona. The approximately 15,000 inhabitants of Armon HaNatziv consider their neighbourhood as still affordable, as rents are not that high yet.  

According to a legend (it could be also Aggadah or Midrash), it was on top of Armon HaNatziv (maybe where the UN Headquarter is located today) that Avraham spotted out the Tempel Mount (Har HaBayit) when he took his son Yitzchak to sacrifice him. The Temple Mount used to be much higher in ancient times and it was Herod who flattened the mountain in order to build the Second Temple.

View from the Jerusalem Promenade to the old city including the Temple Mount

When you look into the opposite direction you see Armon HaNatziv and the hills of Gush Etzion (Hebron, Kiryat Arba, etc.) in the background. 

Armon HaNatziv

 The white containers on the rooftops serve as hot water storage heated up by solar systems

Photos: Miriam Woelke

Picture of the Day

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Looking at Jerusalem, Part 1

At the Promenade Tayelet) in Jerusalem. A favourite spot for tourists and Israelis due to its great view almost all over Jerusalem. You can see the Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus, the old as well as the new city.

View to the old city. You can see the Arab neighbourhoods Abu Tur and Silvan.

Copyright / Photos: Miriam Woelke

Rosh Chodesh KISLEV - The beginning of the new month KISLEV


That was fast. Only a short while ago, we were entering Mar Cheshvan and now it is already Kislev. Tonight and tomorrow, is Rosh Chodesh and we are celebrating the new Jewish month of Kislev. A new month can also mean a new beginning in our lives. One of the reasons may be that something new always causes a higher motivation. 

Almost at the end of Kislev, Chanukkah begins and in Jerusalem, people already feel a slight festive atmosphere. The traditional Sufganiot (donuts) business has started and  people try not to worry about too many calories. My personal favourite flavour are the Sufganiot with a date cream filling. 

 Kislev is the month of "security" and the "trust in G - d". The Chashmonaim (Hasmoneans) fought against the Greek occupation and idol - worship. Yehudah Maccabi and his followers never gave up and due to their trust in G - d, they finally succeeded. However, Kislev is also the month of "sleep". Kabbalist consider "sleep" as passive trust in G - d.

The "Book of Creation - Sefer Yetzirah" teaches us that every Jewish month has its particular letter, colour, tribe, organ or horoscope.

The colour of Kislev is blue – purple.
The horoscope is Sagittarus.
The tribe is Benjamin.
The sense is "sleep". It is said that when someone has an absolute trust in G - d, he is granted positive dreams about the future.
The organ of Kislev is the stomach due to its connection to sleep. The letter is SAMECH ס The shape of the Samech circle represent G - d's Shechinah (presence).

The chassidic book "Bnei Yissachar" provides us with a few great insights on Kislev:
According to Kabbalists and Chassidim, the Chanukkah light symbolizes the hidden light (Or HaGanuz) which G - d created on the first day of creation. Only on Wednesday, G - d created the sun and the moon. However, the hidden light from the first day, G - d is hiding from us until Meshiach comes. The only way we can gain a little taste of this light is through learning Torah. On Chanukkah, however, this spiritual light will become obvious.

Chanukkah is approaching and we are going to light the first candle on the evening of 8 December. 

Chodesh Tov – A great, healthy and successful month of Kislev to all readers !

Rocket Terror from Gaza

Photo: Reuters / Yediot Acharonot

The Danger of a Palestinian State


I very much recommend reading this article:

Monday, November 12, 2012


Further information HERE !

Book Recommendation: "A ZADDIK IN OUR TIME - Rabbi Aryeh Levin"


I have been living in Jerusalem for almost 15 years (with a few short breaks in between) but have hardly ever written about one of the most famous local Rabbis: Rabbi Aryeh Levin who used to live and teach in the Nachlaot neighbourhood. Although Rabbi Levin already passed away in 1969, he has left an unforgettable impression and we miss him until today.

If you want to know more about one of the great people of Jerusalem, here comes my book recommendation:


Available through FELDHEIM or in Jerusalem at the Pomeranz Bookstore for 120 Shekels.

Photo: Miriam Woelke

At the Promenade (Tayelet) in Jerusalem


Its has been far more than twenty years since I visited the Promenade (Tayelet) in Jerusalem. The site has improved very much. The expensive restaurant is gone and, instead, the place has turned into a huge park. The only disturbance is the nearby Israeli Headquarter of the UN. I am saying this because the majority of the UN staff located in Israel is Arab. No wonder why the UN in New York keeps on condemning Israel but protects the Palestinians. 

The UN Headquarter in Jerusalem

Copyright: Miriam Woelke

Enjoy the videos I made at the Tayelet ! You can see the new as well as the old city. However, I am going to put further photos into the blog !

The Rocket War from Gaza continues


Today is one of those "melancholic" days. The sky over Jerusalem is mostly grey and it keeps on raining. Winter is here and it is cold outside. A time to sit inside, have a hot cup of coffee or tea, enjoy a hot bowl of soup, light a candle and read or, in my case, write. 

In addition to that, the missile war against Israel continues. I have heard that, only today, twelve rockets from Gaza have hit the southern of our country.  Somehow the Hamas and all Palestinians succeed in persuading the world that Israel is the aggressor. The truth is that if Israel was shooting rockets into Gaza for several years (as the Hamas does to Israel), the world including the UN would freak. Israel would face the worst sanctions but, in our case, the world loves to support Hamas.

You can find news updates on the blog of the Israeli army

or on the homepage of Israel's largest paper ISRAEL HAYOM