Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The National Religious - Christian Connection


Already years ago, Christian missonaries discovered the Land of Israel and its Jewish population for their evil missionary purposes. The vast majority of Jewish Israelis doesn't want to get missionized and therefore, different missionary groups thought about another way how to influence the Jews and the State of Israel itself.

"Christian Friends of Israeli Communities" donate tons of money to out country. By the way, not every Christian donor necessarily has something evil in his mind and intends to missionize.

However, the worst seems to be that our government accepts lots of Christian money (present example: American Evangelists - Southern Baptist Convention). The opposition under Benjamin Netanyahu is not much better and sometimes is looks like half of our country has been bought by Christian fanatics.

Until now I wasn't even aware of how the situation really is. Friends being involved in the subject and the Internet let me know the shocking truth. The Mizrachi (national religious) Movement is not ashamed of accepting money from the "Christian Friends of Israel". The whole settler movement seems to live off these donations. No wonder that the national religious Knesset member Benny Elon (as well as Netanyahu) was invited as a guest speaker of the Christian Parade in Jerusalem this October.

This site shows settlements (Yishuvim) receiving money from Christian organizations:


Do those settlements know where the money is coming from ?
Yes, they are very much aware of it, as you will see in the video below. It is not kept as a secret and unfortunately, more and more national religious rabbis go for Christian money. The among the English speaking population of Jerusalem popular Rabbi Nathan Lopez Cardozo even sees Christianity very much connected to Judaism and we (those two religions) should work together now and in the future.

Israel's main problem is that no one obviously takes into consideration that those Christian donor group may one day show up and ask for favours. Demanding something and I rather don't think about how these demands would look like. Is Israel including the national religious movement on the way to be bought by Christians ?

Those who look at the sites and the video may be shocked by how the so terribly religious settlements go for idol - worship money. Fortunately, the haredi world has not yet sunken so deep as the Mizrachistim, and hopefully this will never be the case.

Israel, its government and the national religious should be very much aware of the fact how they are on the way of selling their soul to the so - called "Friends of Israel". "Friends" who intend nothing else but the destruction of the Jewish people.



  1. So Charedi people don't take money from Christian missionaries?

    What do you say about this link?


  2. B"H

    I didn't say that the haredi world is perfect but not as deep into taking Christian money as the national religious.

    Maybe you should keep your hatred better under control.

  3. This isn't about hatred. It's about facts. The charedi world takes as much money from missionaries as the dati leumi world. If you are not interested in investigating the facts, then so be it.

    By the way, the original funding for Menachem Mendel of Shklov, who was a student of the Vilna Gaon and one of the founders of the ashkenazi Yishuv Hayashan, can from Christian missionaries who saw the Jewish resettlement of Palestine as bringing the Messiah.

  4. B"H

    I am talking about the present and now it is a fact that the national religious movement very much cooperates with Christian organizations. Far too much.

    Christian missionaries tried a lot in the Yishuv HaYashan. Also getting the first Aliyah from Yemen on their side as well as missionizing Jews in the Yishuv itself. This is a reason why, for instance, the first Bikur Cholim Hospital was set up in the Old City. Until then, there was only a Christian hospital and their people in charge were missionizing Jewish patients.

  5. There is a distinction between taking money for the good of Israel and selling your soul to the devil for a new car. Take care anyone who thinks that the xtians are your friends. They are all sugar and spice but their total goal is to convert Jews. I do know what I speak of--I have been at some of their meetings and it took all of my strength to keep control. I have checked my facts and I am telling all my fellow Jews--beware--you are risking your inner-being. These people are evil.