Monday, August 18, 2008

Traitor, Schnorrer or "Agenda Slave"


Despite all the criticism in different blogs, I admit that I signed up for Nefesh Be'Nefesh's (NBN) International Bloggers Convention. A friend of mine told me about it and she said that she will be there. So, why not me ?

As the event is taking place in Jerusalem (this coming Wednesday) and I am in town at the moment, so why not taking place. I have never been to such a meeting before and thus, don't come with any expectations. However, I am very curious to see it.

The Israeli daily Haaretz stated that at least 200 bloggers have signed up. Well, hopefully, we won't all step on each others feet while jumping onto the food. Maybe getting to know some people, and if not, schnorring the food. So, what ?

Of course, NBN has its own agenda and everybody participating should admit that he has his agenda as well. NBN announced some panel discussions about how to increase blog traffic etc. It would be interesting to hear from other bloggers how they succeed.
One of the panel members has a more or less family oriented blog. I usually don't read him because I think that one's own family should be a private and not a public matter. But especially those family stories receive plenty of hits.

So, what could he say in this discussion ? Everyone else should put in pictures from spouses or children. Well, how is the neighbour doing today and have I been blown up by a terrorist ?

There are those boycotting the event but I think that the vast majority of participants just goes out of curiousity. Why not ? Spending four entertaining hours for free ? I don't think that I am seeing myself as a traitor by participating. My experience shows that those bloggers with the biggest mouth on the Internet mostly sit very quietly when it comes to personal meetings. Hopefully this won't be the case at the Convention. However, last Friday night I met the person who wrote the famous "I've been Aished" article in the "Jerusalem Post", and she very much kept quiet at the Shabbat table.

To all participants: Enjoy the Convention.

To all those boycotting: Enjoy the Live Cam and don't forget preparing the popcorn.

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