Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sukkot Forecast


Sukkot is starting tonight and I just bought my Lulav and Etrog. Everything is ready for the Chag. Being in Jerusalem on Sukkot is just great and in order to transfer the tremendous Jerusalem Yom Tov atmosphere to the Diaspora Jewry, I am going to put lots of pictures and videos into this blog. From the BIRKAT HA'COHANIM to Mea Shearim. 

Apropos Mea Shearim, this year there won't be a gender separation in Mea Shearim Street but many chassidic groups won't let any outsiders participating in the Simchat Beit Ha'Shoeva celebrations. The reason is very simple: Mea Shearim will be flooded with Jewish visitors over the Chag and if all Synagogues let in everybody, there wouldn't be space for the chassidic group members anymore. 

Here, for instance, is the announcement of Toldot Aharon not to let outsiders participating in the Simchat Beit Ha'Shoeva:

Seen in Mea Shearim

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Last Thursday night, I participated in a Hachnasat Sefer Torah at the Chabad House in Rehavia (Jerusalem). The local Shaliach there is Rabbi Israel Goldberg. It was a great celebrations and I am going to put lots of pictures as well as a few videos into the blog in the course of this week. 

Hachnasat Sefer Torah in Chabad - Rehavia

Photo: Miriam Woelke

One of the ARBA MINIM markets in Jerusalem. I am going to publish more photos as well as a video !

And, of course, the Simchat Beit Ha'Shoeva celebrations in Mea Shearim will be a huge subject. 

Photo: Miriam Woelke

I haven't seen it in years. I think the last time may have been back in 1996 or 1997. The weather forecast for Sukkot includes RAIN. It already started raining last night and despite the heat of 33 degrees Celsius, winter is slowly crawling in.:-)

The Talmud states that rain on Sukkot is a bad sign but there is also a Machloket. I just hope that the weather is finally cooling down and we actually do need plenty of rain. 

Have a great Chag, Chag Sameach and Git Yom Tev !!!

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