Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Jerusalem Bus and Tram Map 2012

The tram travels forth and back from Mount Herzl to Chayal HaAvir (after Pisgat Ze'ev) but it seems as if the Municipality is planning to extend the tram's route in the near future.


A brief update on the public transportation system in Jerusalem. Most of us inhabitants used to have our surprise at quite a few mornings when suddenly our buses had changed their routes overnight.

Here you can look up all Jerusalem bus lines:

Although the tram is not part of EGGED, but of a company called  CITYPASS, you are able to use your one - way - ticket for both companies. If you buy a one - way - ticket from EGGED, you are allowed to change either bus or tram once in one direction. The same with CITYPASS: If you purchase a tram ticket, you are allowed to switch onto a bus once by using the same ticket. 

A one - way - ticket costs 6,60 Shekels (approx. 1,15 Euro or 1,65 $).

Photo: Miriam Woelke


EGGED Trip Planner

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