Monday, September 24, 2012

Shalom & Welcome to New York, Achmadinejad !


The Iranian Dictator Mahmoud Achmadinejad has arrived in New York and is enjoying life at a local hotel. This Tuesday or Wednesday, he is due to give his speech at the UN. A date of special significance for the Jewish people, as we are going to celebrate YOM KIPPUR. The day where G - d is judging the Jews for a another year, and usually G - d does so with mercy (Rachamim) and kindness (Chesed).

The NEW YORK POST is welcoming the dictator is a special way:

Feel the love, Mahmoud — and taste the gefilte fish.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived last night at the Warwick Hotel in Midtown in advance of his annual hate-spewing address to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday — and The Post tried to deliver him a gift fit for a despot.

The anti-Semite’s special welcome basket — from New Yorkers with love — included such locally procured goodies as Gold’s Borscht, Manischewitz Gefilte Fish and smoked whitefish from the world-famous Murray’s Sturgeon House on the Upper West Side.

If Ahmadinejad (pronounced: I’m a dinner jacket) needed midnight munchies during his visit to this infidel city, there were also plenty of H&H bagels, onion bialys and Zabar’s cream cheese.

Read the entire Welcoming HERE !

A Jewish gift basket with Gefilte Fish for Achmadinejad

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