Saturday, September 1, 2012

Suicide in Judaism


Not a very pleasant subject to write about but many of us may have already been in the position of wanting to commit suicide. Despite the fact that committing suicide is forbidden in Judaism, there are Jews who don't see any sense in continuing their lives. Regarding the Issur you keep on telling yourself that G - d will understand and then judge. 

So, you intend to kill yourself and then what ? You are standing in front of G - d and He is going to judge your Neshama favourably. If nobody else, He will understand your reasons. The only problem is whether the Neshama is going up to G - d and reaching Him, so to speak. Once I was told by a Rabbi (and it may say so in the ZOHAR) that the Neshama of a person committing suicide is not going up to G - d but is rather being caught in a Twilight Zone. Meaning, the Neshama is stuck and cannot move on here or there. 

I don't know the solution for the Neshama moving on upwards. If there is a special Tikkun to make or whether this being stuck position is time - limited. However, the a Neshama caught in a Twilight Zone cannot be such a great thing and, in case someone is thinking about suicide, he should take this situation into consideration. What if you want to speak to G - d and complain but your Neshama is not even reaching Him ?

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