Sunday, September 9, 2012

True Gentile Hasbarah or just a Missionary Method ?


There are quite a few pro – Israel websites / blogs out there which are run by Christians. Although many of those sites don’t openly publicize their fundamentalist Christian point of view, I have my doubts whether those pro – Israel sites are also pro – Jewish or simply used as propaganda against the entire Muslim world.

In my eyes, many fundamentalist Christian pretend to either protect or stand up for Israel in order to sneak in and go for their true goal: Proselyting Jews and turning them into Christianity. As a result of that, I don’t believe too much of what those Christian Israel lovers have to say. 

Although the Jewish world is going to celebrate Rosh Hashana next week, Jerusalem has to deal with a disgusting upcoming event. During Succot (the first week of October), thousands of Christian missionaries are going to gather at the local International Convention Center where they, among other things, discuss how they can persuade Jews to believe in the false Meshiach J. 

Furthermore, all of those missionaries are going to have a parade through downtown Jerusalem organized by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. All of the participants claim to stand for Israel but the sad truth is, that they, as missionaries, are the enemies of the Jewish people. The only goal Christian missionaries have is the destruction of Jewish souls.

Brief Remark: Any further comments by the so - called messianic movement will be deleted. This blog is a JEWISH blog and I am going to keep it this way ! 


  1. Kol haKavod, again! I'm sharing this on my fb.
    You're right about the Christian happy-face towards Israel. They want Israel to remain, in order to "prove the Jews wrong" when Moshiach comes.

    Note: Have you heard about the proposal in the knesset to make Sunday another day off? Point is - i don't buy it that it's to make it easier for olim to adjust to a life with no Sundays. I suspect it has Xtian backing. Any thoughts? I'm rather new to this whole Israeli missionaries thing.

  2. Excellent post! I'm sharing this.
    As the political agenda becomes more and more focused in the US on the perceived "goodness" of the Xtian politicians wanting so much to support Israel, I don't buy it. They have their own agenda, as you stated.
    But, even Mishpacha magazine now is featuring weekly articles on non-Jewish themes, I assume in an effort to look both open to their lovely pro-Israel (pro-Jewish???) endeavors. Like last week's article about a gigantic Noah's Ark built by some millionaire in Holland or Denmark, whatever. Why would frum Jews want to read about that???? It's become advertising for Xtians and it's causing Jews to feel they're our harmless enemies. they aren't.

    With the Arabs - we know they want to married our girls and toss the rest of us Jews into the sea. Fair enough:).
    But Xtians as our friends and allies???? Seductive and sadly, working.

  3. B"H

    Just look into the Knesset where the CHRISTIAN ALLIED CAUCUS has its own lobby !!!

  4. B"H

    One of the present main goals of Christian missionaries in Israel is finding a lobby for passing a law allowing Christians to make Aliyah.

  5. Oh, that's scary. I wish more people knew about this and we could publicize it more. These missionaries are giving us what they know we want to hear, "We're all for Israel!" but it isn't benign.