Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sukkah Decoration in Jerusalem


Mea Shearim and further haredi areas are preparing for the "Arba Minim" markets starting right after Yom Kippur is over. One of the biggests markets will be at Kikar Supnik (Binyane'i Supnik / Dushinsky). Of course, I am going to take pictures but in Mea Shearim and surroundings, my access will be limited due to the fact that I am female. Nevertheless, this year, I am also getting my own Lulav and Etrog. 

A shop offering Sukkah decoration. Seen in Jaffa Road / Jerusalem.

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Pashkevilim in Mea Shearim keep on warning the local population to watch their money and not to spend everything due to the upcoming holidays. There are further warnings against false Shochtim offering Kapparot in the area.

I haven't decided yet whether I am going to one of the Kapparot places in order to take pictures. For quite a few years I haven't participated in this custom anymore. Before I used to give money but the chicken I have never done. 

Those of you who are interested in seeing some Kapparot pictures may have a look here:

The Ramban calls is a "foolish custom" and every year anew, Israeli animals rights activists keep on demonstrating against the mass killing of chickens. The truth is that those who insist on doing Kapparot with a chicken won't give up their custom due to a few animal activists. I prefer to stay away from the chicken Kapparot, as the fowl isn't treated that nicely. Hundreds of chickens are being squeezed into small cages and neither get water of food but just waiting to die.

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