Saturday, September 22, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 versus a useless Apple i5


It seems as if humankind is really loosing it. The new Apple i5 has been released and people stand in line for hours in order to buy the device. However, when you start thinking: Is there really such a great difference to the i4 ?

I admit not to be among the Apple worshipping community but, instead, I am still in love with my Samsung Galaxy S2. A friend of mine and an owner of the i4 has been complaining for a long time that my phone is easier to handle and that Samsung is not charging any money for every single app. In addition to that, my pictures come out much better and the S2 has been offering a panorama view for ages. Apple is only offering it now on the new device but, according to my friend, she downloaded an app offering panorama pictures on her i4 long ago.

I just consider those Apple fans standing in line for a phone which is basically just like the "old" i4 and has nothing new to offer but the design, the weight and a bigger screen, as not facing reality. Today many people just buy Apple because they want to show off but if you are looking for something to work: Get a Samsung Galaxy.

By the way, I am not getting paid by Samsung but I am simply stating my opinion.:-)

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  1. Nice explanation through video.i too like
    Samsung Galaxy S3 due to it's slim, big screen, great camera, smart stay, best photo option & S-Beam.