Sunday, October 12, 2008

Caution ! Christian Missionaries !


These days, it is rather complicated to choose the right subject to write about. Sukkot is right ahead of us, furthermore there are new riots in the northern Israeli town of Acco and, last but not least, the worldwide financial crises.

Last night, the riots between Jews and Arabs in Acco started again. On Erev Yom Kippur, an Arab drove through a Jewish religious neighbourhood and caused the stoning of his car. Since then, we are all aware of the fact that it is impossible that Jews and Arabs are able to live together. Sometimes it might seem so from the outside; but fact is that the vast majority of Jewish Israeli population doesn't want to have anything to do with Arabs. And the Arabs think the same way and keep on cursing the Jews.

The financial crises ?
Israeli papers announce dismissals in the Israeli finance field after Sukkot. "Is the crises also effecting us", everyone asks fearfully.

However, my real subject for today are the Christians masses who have been coming for the holiday of Sukkot. Generally, Jerusalem is welcoming anyone but not when the tourist is coming with evil purposes. Those radical Christians stroming to Jerusalem at the moment, announce "Solidarity" as their mission. Nevertheless, their true mission is "Missionizing the Jews" !

At Temple times, Gentiles also used to come to Jerusalem on the holiday of Sukkot in order to bring their sacrifice (Korban). The same will be re – introduced as soon as Meshiach is coming and builds the Third Temple.

Every year on Sukkot, thousands of Christians are coming to Jerusalem and many Jewish inhabitants are not too happy about that. Many of those Christians come here, consider themselves as the "true" Jews and behave as if the whole city belongs to them.
In fact, there are also many normal and honest tourists among those who are coming as well. The majority, however, sees its real purpose missionizing the Jews. And those few who truly come for a good and positive purpose now have to suffer a bad reputation due to the disturbing missionaries. How are we supposed to differentiate between the good and the evil ?

The International Christian Embassy with its headquarter in Rachel Imenu Street in Katamon (Jerusalem) organizes a yearly Christian Parade during Sukkot. The march leads from Sacher Park through Bezalel, King George and Jaffa Road to Jerusalem's municipality at Safra Square. Usually haredi Rabbis ban this parade and the Israeli anti – missionary organization "Yad Le'Achim" doesn't get tired of warning the Jews to watch the event. Despite the Israeli prohibition of handing out missionary material, the missionaries themselves don't give a damn about Jewish opinions. They appear with posters where it says that if the Jews don't convert to Christianity, they will go to hell.

Nonsense but it seems that especially in these days, we have to put up with those idiotic Christian doctrines. Last Friday noon, I walked through Jerusalem's shopping mall Ben Yehudah. Near Zion Square I saw two Christian women hadning out pamphlets to Jews. The women had put on their creepy Christian smile as if they would say: "J. also came for you".
My first thought was calling the police but then I remembered that especially American Evangelist organization donate millions of Dollars to the State of Israel and thus demand something in return. The result is that the State of Israel doesn't always interfere and even leaves many missionaries alone.

My second thought was informing "Yad Le'Achim" and in the end, I did nothing. An hour later I passed and the women were gone. However, I felt guilty for not reacting right away and went over to some Chabadnikim who had opened up a Tefillin stand nearby. I spoke to one of the Chabadnikim and he told me that, next time, I should come to Chabad right away. "Just knock on hour door and we will get rid of the missionaries ! Missionaries out !"
I wish that everyone would react in the same fast rigorous way.

But it is not only the evil idol worship parade bothering us inhabitants. The Jerusalem Kibbutz Ramat Rachel constantly provides the Christians with its facilities and it is there, where countless missionary meetings are being held. The Kibbutz doesn't care about moral and wants to earn money; even if its members sell their souls to the missionaries, who cares. Furthermore, the Christians rent the International Convention Center (Binyanei Ha'Uma) right across from the Central Bus Station. Inside the center, the Christians open up stands and selling Christian kitsch and other junk. Additionally, the visitors run to lectures where they are being taught how to missionize Jews.

Believe it or not, the Christians are not ashamed to announce that they would like to join the Sukkot celebrations in Mea Shearim and further haredi neighbourhoods. The Haredim, on the other hand, kick all of those Christian lunatics and idol worshippers out. Non – Jewish tourists should be careful not to enter haredi neighbourhoods at the moment.

It is a disgrace that all those "smiling and waving flag radical Christians" destroy the reputation of all the other honest tourists. But as I said, it is extremely hard to tell the difference and thus all tourists get accused.

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  1. Is there going to be a protest at the parade?

  2. B"H

    Usually there is nothing but mostly ignoring the parade. People have better things to do during the holiday and, as the streets are closed downtown, people just escape to the Jewish Quarter in the Old City or go home.

    However, last year I participated in a protest outside the International Convention Center. We handed out pamphlets to the Christians entering and they got really wild.:-)

  3. It is very scary at the way our government is giving the xians such privileges. Already Jews for J are announcing the thousands of Jews that they have lured away from Judaism and claim that the next years will bring record numbers of converts. When they advertise this as the goal--why are they allowed in? Why do they have the whole top of the Clal building for their idol worship? I pray for support of Yad L'achim and that Jews will see the evil that is invading their land.

  4. B"H

    I met Binjamin Kluger from "Yad Le'Achim" in the late afternoon and I am going to write details tomorrow.