Monday, March 23, 2009

Online Mikvah Calendar


For the Jewish woman observing "Taharat HaMishpacha - Family Purity Laws":

The Mikvah Calendar

One of my readers pointed out that this calendar belongs to the Chabad counting system. Please be aware of that, as other people obviously follow a different system !


  1. do any hilonim live in mea shearim ?
    in the batei ungarn quarter of meah shearim ? would hasidim let them live there, or would they harass the until they left (or made tshuvah) ?

    kol tuv

  2. B"H

    There are some very few Chilonim and national religious living in Mea Shearim. Very much on the outskirts but otherwise you have to be haredi in order to live there.

    There are only Haredim living in the Batei Hungarin. Satmar, Neturei Karta, Toldot Aharon, Toldot Avraham Yitzchak, Brisk or even some stricter Chabadnikkim.

    It is not so much of a matter that people not necessarily accept Chilonim. It is also a matter of no landlord renting an apartment to such people.

  3. It's very kind of you to help people do this mitzva, however you should realize that this calendar follows the chabad way of doing it. ALL other Jews make the calculations differently. It would be nice for that web site to let the reader know this. I advise removing this post, or at least posting a warning.

  4. B"H

    To be honest: I found the link to the calendar on ARUTZ 7 and thought it would be interesting to further readers. I didn't realize that it is entirely Chabad. I won't delete the link but give a "warning".

  5. I just went to the site. It is amazing! It is not only for Chabad at all. You can pick a YU custom or customize your own options according to your Rav. They even say that they are going to have a Sephardic option coming soon.