Saturday, March 3, 2012

Don't count him in a Minyan !


Yehudah Ilan (Chizzuk Emunah" is giving out a warning: Missionary Boaz Michael is coming to Israel for a month. As many other missionaries and Christians, he wears a Kipa and likes to present himself as "Jewish". However, Michael is not Jewish and just lying about his background. 

He may fool people but he definitely doesn't fool G - d. 

Boaz Michael, a messianic missionary and GENTILE 


  1. there's lots of born jewish chrixians,how do you know he's liying? don't judge whoever he is

  2. B"H

    Born Jewish or not ! As soon as a Jew is turning to idol - worship (as Christianity is), he is not fit to be counted into a Jewish Minyan anymore.