Sunday, March 11, 2012

The IRON DOME in Action


There is no 100% security but a risk always remains. Israel developed the so - called "Iron Dome – Kipat Barzel" in order to destroy incoming missiles from the Gaza Strip. Believe it or not, the "Iron Dome" has a 90% success rate.

A video made a few years ago but the "Iron Dome" is not a fiction anymore but has become a daily part of one million Israelis living in the Negev region.

What is still in my mind from tonights news on TV ? An Israeli woman living near the border to Gaza saying that rockets have been falling on a daily / weekly basis. For years and not only recently. The present escalation doesn't come as a surprise but the whole world reports about it. When 10 rockets per week are being shot from Gaza, no one writes about it. Not the world and not the Israeli press. Such attacks have become parts of our daily lives and we, as we don't live near the border to Gaza, are able to sleep at night. We have our own lives and the Negev is far away.

One day, Israel will shoot back and the question is not whether there will be peace later on. Instead, the question will be: "Who is going to destroy the enemy for good, as there can only be one ?"

Latest statistics from the Homepage of the Israeli army: 

Today, 14 Raketen hit Israel. 

138 rockets hit Israel this March. 

627 rockets hit Israel in 2011.

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