Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tel Aviv: Africans stealing iPhones and Money


A working colleague told me today that a bank clerk working at a bank nearby was robbed by Africans here in Tel Aviv. The clerk was walking at the old Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv when three or four Africans showed up and started beating him. The African thieves were looking for smartphones and money and after taking everything from the bank clerk, they just disappeared.

At the old Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. An abandoned place full of drug addicts and Africans.

Photo: Miriam Woelke

I very much recommend not walking around openly with any smartphone at the old and new Central Bus Station area in Tel Aviv. Thousands of illegal Africans have been living there and you should avoid the area after 10 or 11pm ! 


  1. Well, I am very sure TLV is a lot safer than Brazil where I live, but just in case things get worse with those criminals, one hint on how the criminals were robbing people here: when getting cash from inside the bank, a "looker" would SMS the details of the person to a partner outside so that the person would be robbed on his/her way. Now it's forbidden to use a mobile inside banks here. Hope there it wont get that bad, but one can always start learning.

  2. B"H

    What we have noticed recently is that more and more Africans have been streaming into malls like Dizengoff Center. Until, lets say, half a year ago, you wouldn't find them in Israeli places but they stayed in their own ghetto at the Central Bus Station. Now the Africans are hanging around almost everywhere and even sleep in entrances to private houses in the city center.

    The same at the Tel Aviv beach. A working colleague of mine said: "Wait until all the French and other tourist come for Pessach and afterwards. Then you will find all the Africans at the beach stealing !"

    There is security staff at the beaches but I don't think that it comes in a sufficient amount.