Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The question Israelis don't like to ask

Home Front drill today


Lets assume that Israel is going to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. Then what ? Hasn't the Iran threatened our country with a severe counterattack ? 

We always hear about attacking Iran and destroying its nuclear plants but who is able to guarantee that such an attack is really going to destroy Iran's nuclear weapon archive. If I was Achmadinejad, I would move all important facilities, laboratories etc. to a secret place. If necessary, underground. 

This is why I am asking the question if any politician or army general is able to guarantee a success. Couldn't it be that Israel or / and the United States are attacking Iran and fail in destroying the plants ? What if Iran is launching a counter strike against Tel Aviv and further Israeli cities ? 

Today, Israel's Home Front Command (Pikud HaOref) exercised another drill and I heard the sirens this morning. Despite all kinds of drills, lets be honest: Who is really prepared for any wider attack on our country ? No matter if with conventional or unconventional rockets; let alone an atomic bomb. Almost every household in Israel has a private bomb shelter but the majority of those shelters is in terrible condition. Dirty, full of junk and mainly used as storage rooms. 

A city like Tel Aviv is totally overcrowded and buildings stand very close to each other. Israel is a tiny country and there isn't much space for building houses. Every little piece of space is used and many times, you can watch your neighbours through the window preparing food in the kitchen. 

Crowded cities in Israel: Ramat Gan (near Tel Aviv)

Photo: Miriam Woelke

In general, the Israeli press as well as politician have been trying to stay away from the question "What is going to happen in case Iran is going to attack us ?" We simply don't have an answer nor can anyone say what kind of weapons Achmadinejad's country has or how an Iranian response is going to take place. On the one hand, politicians as well as the press love to panic sometimes. On the other hand, many Israelis feel completely save because our country has a strong army. 

To tell you the truth, I am not that sure and don't feel save. If Iran doesn't start an immediate counterattack, it may command the Hizbollah in Lebanon and the Hamas of doing so. We don't have to wait for an Iranian attack but should concentrate on our direct neighbours.


  1. Die Regierung in Iran,kratzt sich hinter den Ohren wenn wir so oefters denen unsere Zaehne knirschen lassen.-------Loesung: viel weniger oder ueberhaupt nicht reden..Etwas tun nur um die Iraner zu erinnern dass wir mit den Zaehnen auch beissen koennen.

  2. B"H

    Stimmt, dass Achmadinejad sich ins Faeustchen lacht, wenn wir alles dermassen zerreden und ihn in die Schlagzeilen bringen.:-))))


    The commentator raises the question whether we should constantly talk about Iran and thus give Achmadinejad a platform.