Thursday, March 1, 2012

Watch out, SNOW !


It started the day before yesterday. An almost hurricane - like storm has been circeling over Tel Aviv since. Trees broke and anything just keeps on flying through the air. In addition, we are suffering from the cold and it keeps on raining all day long. In other words, not a kind of weather letting you walk around outside. 

Several streets are still closed in the northern part of the country. Snow has been falling on the Golan Heights and 10 cm of snow are supposed to fall in Jerusalem. If you are in Jerusalem tonight and are planning to leave town later on or tomorrow, watch out because you may be stuck. As soon as snow falls in Jerusalem, the buses will stop running. People don't leave their houses and shops are closed.

This may sound very strange for someone used to snow but Israelis go wild as soon as snow is falling. They don't even go to work but stay at home and wait until the snow melts. 


In the northern part of the country

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