Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tel Aviv, the Coastal Area and Jerusalem


I definitely need another place to live. My present apartment is far too small and looks like a matchbox. Hundreds of books hardly find space and some of them I still keep in boxes. Moving to a bigger place is becoming an issue within the next few months. The question, of course, is: Where to ? Staying in Tel Aviv or looking for a different option outside of the city ?

It is well - known that Tel Aviv is expensive and rents are just skyscraping. Despite the fact that I don't have to look at every Shekel, I am still too tight - fisted paying such high rents to a landlord. Why paying so much when I could pay less outside Tel Aviv ?

So, Ramat Gan, Givat Shmuel and Petach Tikvah are becoming a realistic option. In a way, rents in Israel are on the rise wherever you look but Tel Aviv has become far too exaggerated. A former working colleague of mine just found a one  - room apartment for 3000 Shekels (790 Dollar) a month. 40 squaremeter, tax and water included but electricity goes on his bill. 

Moving back to Jerusalem is not an option at the moment. Having a distance from Jerusalem after all those years living there is great. Getting to know other people, seeing something else and having new experiences is extremely positive. Nevertheless, I would be happy if I find a place near Bnei Brak.


  1. ... I know a person who lives in Givataim because rent is cheaper ... is it an option ?
    (but i never visited him).

  2. B"H

    I always thought that Givatayim is either as expensive as Tel Aviv or more expensive. It is definitely not a cheap area.

    Ramat Gan is a bit cheaper and may be an option. Others move out to Rosh HaAyin or Yihud.