Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Truce between Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan and the Baba Baruch ?


According to the daily ISRAEL HAYOM, the famous Netivot x - ray Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan agreed to meet his long - term enemy Baba Baruch (Rabbi Baruch Abuchatzeira, a son of the Baba Sali). On Erev Yom Kippur, Rabbi Ifergan came to the house of the Baba Baruch and it is said that both rabbis only spoke Dvar Torah. 

It looks like a ceasefire has come through and the two have been making plans about how to work together in the future. 

This really looks like a Yom Kippur miracle for those who know about the war between the two Chatzerot in Netivot. Since Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan started his "x - ray business" in 1995, The Abuchatzeira family considered him as a dangerous competitor. As a matter of fact, both sides have been involved in a dirty dispute fighting about power, money and who is ruling the small Negev town Netivot. 

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