Monday, October 29, 2012

Zfat by Night


One shouldn't expect too much of a wild nightlife in Zfat (northern Israel) but, down here in the old city, in Rehov Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Street), you can find quite a few restaurants. From Pizza to Bagel and from meat and fish to lasagne. 

The new restaurant ARELE (meat and fish) seems to be an attraction to all kinds of Haredim. Personally, I recommend the Italian style restaurant MILANO. Choose the lasagne (tasty and inexpensive) which comes together with a nice salad. The staff is nice and you can sit either upstairs or downstairs. 

The ARELE on the right

The Kotel painting at the MILANO made me feel right home :-)

Rehov Yerushalayim at night

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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