Sunday, October 21, 2012

Israel's HOME FRONT COMMAND exercising deadly Earthquake

Source: Pikud Ha'Oref (Home Front Command)

Many who hadn't heard the announcements were surely wondering about what was going on this morning. Army, police and plenty of ambulance cars all over the country. However, there was no reason to panic, as the Home Front Command (Pikud Ha'Oref) was running a special exercise. This time not about potential missiles attacking us but an exercise on "How to deal in case of a disastrous earthquake taking place in our country". 

For many years, Israeli scientist keep on predicting a massive earthquake in the future. It could happen in a year, in five years, ten, fifty or a hundred years. No one knows exactly when but it is going to happen. 

Tomorrow I am going to head up north for two days and especially the north has been a constant earthquake region. Already in the Middle Ages, the small town of Zfat (Safed) was destroyed several times by quakes. Nevertheless, not only Zfat is in danger but also Tiberias, Beit She'an as well as the entire Jordan Valley. 

The Home Front Command teaches that, in case of emergency, we should crawl under a table or run out of the building. If we have to stay inside a building we should leave the doors open and look for a fast escape in the staircase.  

In Zfat (Upper Galilee) people have got used to the constant tremors taking place in the area. However, not only the north is in danger but also Jerusalem.

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