Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BIRKAT HA'COHANIM Sukkot 5773 / 2012 at the Kotel (Western Wall)


I also took some videos at the Kotel this morning and have already started uploading them into Youtube. However, this video (not from me) was taken on the men's side during the Birkat Ha'Cohanim. A spot where I cannot go to.:-)

Jerusalem is celebrating Sukkot and thousands of Jews keep on streaming down to the Old City. It is so crowded that you can hardly walk through the narrow alleyways in the Jewish Quarter. I went, took a few photos and videos and was glad when I escaped the masses. 

The weather has been strange though. After 16 years or so, it was my first time seeing rain on Erev Sukkot this year. While sitting in the Sukkah, the thunder started and soon after it began to rain. There is actually more rain being expected during Sukkot. 

At the moment, the sun is out and Jerusalem is suffering from a Tel Aviv - like humidity. However, the weather forecast is predicting temperature to fall. Looks like winter is finally ahead.

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