Thursday, October 4, 2012

Latest xtian Missionary Updates


Jewish Israel & Yad le'Achim have put together a few xtian missionary updates:

It sounds weird but especially Jews in Israel have become the target of missionary Evangelical xtians as well as other xtian groups. Calling themselves "Friends / Supporters of Israel" and donating money to Israeli politicians and Knesset parties, fundamentalist xtians have succeeded in sneaking into Israel. They see themselves as superior to the Jews and claim that "G - d has chosen them". 

Whatever those xtian missionaries are up to, we Jews should never forget what the RAMBAM once stated: "G - s is sending us Islam as well as xtian idol - worship as a test we need to pass until the true Meshiach is coming !"

However, this doesn't mean at all that we just sit and wait until the xtians take over. In order to bring the true Meshiach, we Jews must fight idol - worship in our own country. The prohibition for Jews following idol - worship belief is the most mentioned prohibition in the Torah.

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