Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Ashkenazi ARI Synagogue in Zfat and the Mezuza


Last week I wrote a small article on the Ashkenazi ARI Synagogue located in the old city of Zfat. One of the readers asked me whether there is a Mezuza on the entrance door. 

Today, I went again and had a look. The answer is that I didn't see any Mezuza on the doorpost. 

Later on, I went to the Sephardi ARI Synagogue which I liked much more. An elderly man sitting inside showed me the small room inside the Synagogue where Rabbi Yitzchak Luria used to pray and talk to an angel. I asked the man how we know that this was the room and the statement is based on Masoret (tradition). Furthermore, there is a long story behind it where the Baba Sali also plays a role. 

I will find out more and let you know.

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