Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FOX Fashion and Haredi Modesty

The poster made "kosher" (photoshopped) by the haredi site HAREDIM


"Netive'i Ayalon" is probably THE busiest highway in Israel. Leading in and out of Tel Aviv, thousands of people use it everyday. 

Tel Aviv loves huge advertising posters and you can find them almost everywhere: At Kikar Rabin, the Arlozorov railway interchange and at Netive'i Ayalon. Besides a gigantic poster of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson z"l hanging there (proclaiming that he is the "Meshiach"), Israel's fashion company FOX put up some fashion advertising showing the famous Israeli model Bar Rafaeli (Leonardi Di Caprio's Ex).

The Ayalon highway in Tel Aviv

So far, there is nothing special about hanging up all this annoying advertising posters. However, parts of the haredi society including the haredi online magazin HAREDIM started a complete fuss about the fashion posters from FOX. The posters would be totally immodest and have to be taken down immediately !
The haredi claim was that Israel's secular society also has to think about haredi society and cannot just dump it's "garbage" (immodesty) all over the place. Thousands of Haredim using the Netive'i Ayalon highway cannot look at immodest posters let alone haredi children passing on school busses.

The secular Israeli press a kind of ignored the haredi demand and only started reporting when FOX gave in yesterday. The fashion company has already removed the posters !
"A mistake, as a certain elderly Chassid told me. FOX should have not given in and if it is bothering all these modesty patrol freaks, so look somewhere else and not at the commercials."
The Chassid continued: "What is next ? Women have to ask for permission in order to leave the house ?"

The posters at Netive'i Ayalon put into modesty by the "Haredim Website"


There is no doubt that most of Israel's commercial or any other advertising are garbage. Totally unnecessary and some are even almost pornographic. However, the posters in question were not. You can call them stupid but not immodest.
When haredi society wants to be taken into consideration it should also take other parts of society into consideration and not only itself. What we need is tolerance on both sides and not one society threatening its counterpart.

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