Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yahrzeit: Nir Poraz & Nachshon Wachsman


It has been 15 years now since the two soldiers Nir Poraz and Nachshon Wachsman got killed by Palestinian terrorists.

Last week's Shabbat edition of the Israeli newspaper MAARIV contained an interview with Wachsman's mother Esther who, after his death, became a public figure and a popular member of the national religious party. Esther Wachsman was born in the US and is the child of Holocaust survivors from Europe.
In her interview she accuses the former government (1994) under Yitzchak Rabin to have hastened the rescue of her son Nachshon. Instead to wait and thus gain time, Rabin sent out a rescue squad from the elite unit "Sayeret Matkal". However, the Sayeret was, according to Esther Wachsman, not experienced enough for such a combat but another special trained squad was just pushed away. Obviously Ehud Barak wanted to have his favourite elite unit (the Sayeret) in the picture.

Esther Wachsman continues with the words that after the failed rescue mission, Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin cried. Later on, when Esther and Yehudah Wachsman came to mourn Yitzchak Rabin (in November 1995), his widow Leah told them that she only saw her husband twice crying during his lifetime. One time was when Nachshon Wachsman got killed.

The first part of the video showing Nachshon Wachsman is accompanied by the song "Shema Israel" sung by the popular Israeli singer Sarit Hadad.
The second part showing Nir Poraz is accomanied by a song from Yehudah Polliker.

Exactly 15 years ago, the week Nachshon Wachsman got kidnapped the the terrorists, a friend of mine celebrated a house party. She and three other friends had moved together into a new apartment in the Bavarian town of Fuerth. Then, I lived in the nearby Nuremberg and went to their party. When I arrived I was told that an Iranian guy had also been invited and if I would mind. Yes, I did mind but the guy had already arrived with another Iranian friend.
Muslims tend to bring their own kind when they are invited to a party given by non - Muslims.

I sat down and started talking to some people I kewn but those two Iranians who turned out to have studied with one of the guys moving into the new apartment, kept on staring at me. I have never spoken one single word to them and someone must have told them that I am Jewish.
Eventually I moved on sitting in another room and found some interesting people in the kitchen.

This incident always comes into my mind when I think of Nachshon Wachsman. A day before he was shot, I was stared at by two Iranians. Stared at with pure hatred.


  1. RIP

    Hamas is a group of ignorant cowards.

  2. Maybe he was staring at you because you said that you had a problem with Iranians being at the party?
    You know that middle easterns have to put up with all kinds of racist prejudice living in the western countries, its nice to know that you (as a middle eastern) are another source of that prejudice.
    How would you feel if a skinny little mexican kid said he had a problem with you being at a party just because you where jewish?

    In fact I dont even understand why you generalise Iranians as being muslims?
    Im an Iranian and im not muslim? Do you hate me to?
    Or maybe you just hate my family because they are muslims?

  3. B"H

    I don't think that you, at all, understood what I was trying to say.

    I neither said anything to them nor stared at them but, apparently, they had a problem with me. It would be great if more Iranians started using their brain because then they may realize their miserable reality.

  4. Makes me sad to read this 20 years later... still brings me to tears as I relive the events.