Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swine Flu Protection in Yiddish


I haven't noticed them in Jerusalem but they are obvious in Tel Aviv: Posters with advise how to prevent the swine flu are almost everywhere. Even as a commercial in the cinema.

Here is a New York advertisement against the swine flu in Yiddish: 


"Wasch die Händ" !

Top row from right to left:

1. Mach es nass - Make it wet
2. Seif - Soap
3. Reib - Rub
4. Schwank - Wash off
5. Wisch ab - Dry
6. Vermach das Wasser - Close the water
7. Giess ab - Rinse
8. Wisch ab - Dry
9. Say "Ascher Yazar"

"Asher Yazar" is the blessing after having been to the restroom. I do not get what no. 9 is trying to say us, as we wash our hands not only after being to the loo.

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