Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beit Chabad in Afula


One of my readers made enquieries about the Beit Chabad in Afula / Northern Israel. 

I only know that there is a Beit Chabad across the Afula Central Bus Station and it looks as if they are Meshichistim. When I passed, I saw the "Yechi A - do - nei - nu ..." slogan outside.


  1. Don't tell me that you were shocked or surprised?! With the time, and being that many important or new Batei Chabad in the medinah are Meshichistim, and being that you saw them almost everywhere in the medinah (particularly when you were in Tzfas), you should have been used of that.

    Just do as most Lubavitcher: ignore them, they are not worth an advertisement.

  2. B"H

    I am not with the Meshichistim and I have to say that even the ASCENT Hostel in Zfat is totally Meshichist !!!

    I like Chabad teachings and this is what makes me going to Shiurim sometimes. Even to the Meshichistim when they have a good class and don't start their propaganda about Meshiach. :-)