Thursday, April 21, 2011

Goi stole the Pessach Chametz


"Kikar Shabbat" is reporting that the haredi population of the Jerusalem neighbourhood Ramat Shlomo experienced a bad surprise this Pessach. The Jews had sold their Chametz, as the Halacha demands, to a Gentile but this Gentile used his opportunity, came with his car to the place where the Chametz was stored, took the Chametz and disappeared. 

Watch out beforehand, to whom you sell your Chametz !!!

Chametz burning in Bnei Brak (Pessach 5771)

Photo: Miriam Woelke


  1. the one thing it is not, is stealing.

  2. B"H

    First of all, what I don't want and delete are comments by a psychopath. And the person sending me those comments is one. I deleted all and left one in order to answer, as the person also seem to ignore the purpose of selling Chametz to a gentile nowadays. Or maybe the person (psychopath) has no idea about Judaism.

    In a way, the Gentile wasn't stealing but, on the other hand, those Haredim selling it to this particular Gentile, made a bad choice.

    The Chief Rabbi usually sells the Chametz to Druse and, as far as I know, nothing has ever gone wrong. Lets say a huge company (e.g. bakery) is selling its Chametz, the Gentile really taking is would cause a big financial loss to the company.

    Today the Chametz selling is in a way a symbolic act and usually both sides know about it. Well, bad luck for Ramat Shlomo but nothing to get psycho about it as the person commentating.

  3. I often write anonymously and am not the same as above writer, however halachically the non Jew is doing nothing wrong as the chametz are lawfully his. It has happened before, non Jews drinking whiskey etc.... if someone considers it stealing than that person needs to learn the halachot because really the chametz *do* belong to the gentile that is doing the jew a huge favor... It is not only symbolic

  4. B"H

    I think that both side, the Jewish as well as the Gentile side, usually know the rules. The Jews bring their Chametz. Businesses close down and get a "Mechirat Chametz Te'udah". Everything is sold to a Gentile and everyone is happy.

    The Gentile may not directly have done anything wrong but he should have kept the rules.

    This is why one has to check to whome he could sell or give the Chametz.

    To be honest, I always expected something like this happening. Bakeries such as ANGEL, BERMAN or THE NATURAL CHOICE should be happy that this didn't happen to them !!!

  5. Isn't the selling agreement based on "trust"? Yes, legally the chametz is sold, but when the contract is entered into in the first place, there is the understanding that it will be sold back. In this case you can nit pick and say the goy didn't do anything legal, but is appears that this goy entered into the contract dishonestly. It makes for bad relations and reinforces those who want to kick ALL the goyim out of Israel.

  6. B"H

    It is based on trust and, as far as I know, has never happened before that a Gentile took all the Chametz for himself.

    As it was Ramat Shlomo, I suppose the Gentile was an Arab from the surrounding villages but never mind.

    What does it mean "All Goyim" ? As a matter of fact, not too many people want to get rid of the Arabs. Regarding Christians, those missionizing should be kicked out. Christians should have no right to live in Israel.

  7. The Arab who took the Chometz returned it.