Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Westhampton Beach and the difficult Eruv


An Eruv may bring the Orthodox and this is bad for the Reform Jewish Conscience !


  1. Is a clip from The Daily Show. You must not know this is satire? Is not "real news", goodness no, is fake news. Just for laughs. Like that website, theonion.com, is fake news, just for laughs.

    Sometimes we all take ourselves and everything else too seriously. If the world could just lighten up a bit and enjoy this life, it might be more bearable, instead of how so many among us try to make something out of nothing too much of the time.

    So, look at this meshugga show as just another meshugga tv show, because it is just meshuggas to try to help people laugh about something for a change. Really!

    Cheers, LT

  2. B"H

    I am probably too Israeli because such a story could take place in Israel. For us, it is to terribly real. :-)

    Just look at the fight between totally secular Jews in posh Ramat Aviv and the local Chabad House. :-)