Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yehudah MESHI Zahav on Christian Radio Channel


Meshi Zahav is famous for his creeping around in Christian missionary circles in order to collect donations for his ZAKA organization. No doubt that ZAKA is doing a great job but does everyone know that Zahav is associating with Christian missionaries whose goal is the destruction of the Jewish nation ? The reason is MONEY !


Meshi Zahav on Christian Radio

Yishai Fleisher, of Eye on Zion Media, formerly the director of A7 radio, put in an appearance at the NRB convention. Yishai was interviewed by IRNUSA Radio's Scott Wilder who broadcasts "a thinking man's Christian Talk show". Fleisher gave a pitch for Zaka and introduced Zaka founder Yehuda Meshi Zahav on air. But IRNUSA is a Christian radio station which features messianic missionary programming, such as Sid Roth's Messianic Vision, which encourages the targeting Jews ("to the Jew first").

[Jewish Israel notes that Yishai Fleisher has been outspoken against missionaries in Israel and he was the one who informed Jewish Israel about the missionary Wave Café in Jerusalem .]

We contacted Yishai and asked him the following:

"Should Israelis be cooperating with Christian missionary radio stations and participating in events hosted by organizations whose members and leadership give high priority to evangelizing Jews?"

Yishai’s reply:

"I see attending these types of events as a diplomatic exercise and it helps me identify those who have a real heart for Israel from those who do not."


I am not sure about the true role of Yishai Fleisher and whether he is or is not accepting Christian money. So far, I am not on his side and try avoiding the name on my blogs !

However, the wealthy Haredi (associated with Chassiut Seret Vishnitz), David (Dudi) Silberschlag is also accepting Christian donations. See HERE !

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