Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sikarikim attacked Yeshiva Student in Beit Warsha


Sikarikim attacked a Yeshiva student and his wife living in Beit Warsha (Warzaw House). Why ? 
The haredi website KIKAR SHABBAT doesn't tell us.

Who are those Sikarikim attacking the family ?

Beit Warsha is located right next to Kikar Shabbat; at the border between Ge'ulah and Mea Shearim. The small neighbourhood belongs to Chassidut Gur and the Gerrer want all tenants out in order to build a shopping mall on the spot. There are many Chassidim among the tenants whose groups are members of  the Edah HaCharedit and some of those families have already been thrown out. Gur called the police and the cops threw the families out of their flats in Beit Warsha. Reason: They hadn't paid their rent for a few months and Chassidut Gur kicked them out. 

Beit Warsha

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Now another incident happened and the war in Beit Warsha continues. Generally some identify the Sikarikim mainly with Yoelish Kroisz branch of the Neturei Karta but I don't know which Sikarikim destroyed the home of the Yeshiva student. 

All photos HERE !


  1. I posted a documentary, perhaps you have seen it, Yoel, Israel & Pashkavils on youtube.. Its about the sikirikim to a certain degree.. I just wonder, if you have seen this documentary, do you know which hasidic sect Israel Kletzkin is a part of? Thx..

  2. B"H

    I started watching it, as I haven't seen it before. However, it is very important to mention that there are TWO different Neturei Karta groups in Mea Shearim and not only the Yoel Kroisz branch !!!

    The Kaliver Rebbe is not anti - Zionist. In a certain sense are many Haredim anti - Zionist but there are big differences between the regular ones and those belonging to the Edah or to the Neturei Karta.

    By the way, the Kaliver Rebbe received Jerusalem's mayor Nir Barkat during the stormy haredi demonstrations due to the Toldot Aharon mother.

    It is not necessarily the first time the NK or other groups opening their doors. The Toldot Aharon did this more than a year ago to Arutz 2 and Yoel Kroisz is always somewhere making propaganda for himself. Looks like he has become a second media guy like Meshi Zahav. Only that Meshi Zahav is more with the Christians because they have money.

    Thanks for the link and I will watch all the parts after Shabbat or next week and report what I think.

  3. Reb yisroel ahron kletzkin is a chussid from tolna rebbe from yrushalayim, but belongs to the "masmidim" lead by reb leib mintzberg

  4. B"H

    Do you have any information about Chassidut TOLNA ? For some time, I have been searching already but there is very little to find.