Saturday, April 30, 2011

How Palestinians use social networks such as Facebook for their own Purposes


Palestinians have been screaming on FACEBOOK for a "Third Intifada" and the "March onto Israel on May 15, 2011" for quite a while. Calling for war against Israel caused plenty of protests and eventually, Facebook closed down the page (The Palestinian Third Intifada). Nevertheless, a few days later, the page owner of the closed page had already founded a new Facebook page and has been spreading his hatred against Israel since.

MEMRI brings a detailed description on all different kinds of Arab Facebook Groups spreading hatred towards Israel.

On the other hand, the Palestinian side has its own version why Facebook closed down the page. I found the following AL JAZEERA quote in a brochure published by the "Sharek Youth Forum", a Palestinian organization financed by the UN. This youth organization is described as liberal. The brochure is called "Situation Report 2011".

Read the quote from AL JAZEERA published in the above brochure:

Israel attempts to strangulate the Palestinian voice even on Facebook and social networks
A Palestinian page on Facebook, called The Palestinian Third Intifada, said that the person in charge of this page was threatened by Facebook directors with closure of his page without giving any reasons. This page calls on the Palestinian people to rise against Israel, to protest corruption and to promote an end to internal division on 15 May (the anniversary of the Nakba - – Foundation of the State of Israel 15th Mai 1948 – The Palestinians do not mention that right away, Arab countries attacked Israel).
Although the number of visitors of the page exceeds 213,000, its owner accuses Facebook of manipulating the number of followers, saying that his page used to attract a daily number of 37,000 but now it has only 1000 – 2000 visitors. He added that his page is exposed to such harassment that he cannot post photos on it, expressing his concern that the administration’s behaviour is intentional in order to reduce the number of participants. To spread word of the date of the uprising, the page owner suggested new ideas such as writing the date on currency notes. The page also asked participants to invite at least five of their acquaintances so that the number of those who know about the uprising would number more than a million. It is worth noting that Facebook has closed and removed a page in the name of Freedom for Palestine, which had 216,000 members without giving any reasons. (Quote from AL JAZEERA Website, 22 March 2011)

How can the page owner know how many hits his site had when Facebook doesn't publish any figures ? Moreover, the article leaves out the reasons why Facebook closed the pages: Calling for war against Israel !


  1. Owners of pages can see the amount of hits in a special box - for admins only!

  2. B"H

    Thanks for the information !

  3. In fact, they did achieve their goal. The simple fact they are called "Palestinians" by the whole world is the proof that their propaganda has been effective, as if a "Palestinian people" exist. The name "Palestine" was given to the Land by the Romans, and the Jews who lived there were thus the Palestinians. The Talmud Yerushalmi is often called the Palestinian Talmud, for that reason. Those Arabs who hijacked the name "Palestinian" are from Egypt, Syria, but most generally from Jordan. Jordanian and those so called Palestinians are, in fact, the same people. Who knows, for instance, that Yaser Arafat, Yimach Shemo, was not born in Jerusalem as he claimed all his life that the wicked Israelis threw out his family and expelled them from the Holy Land and sent him in Tunisia. That liar was born in Egypt, his parents were also Egyptian citizens, and they NEVER put a foot in Jerusalem. The most incredible is that most people believe his liar but never dared making some research to find the truth. And sadly, most people, by calling them "Palestinians", are sustaining the myth that there is something as a Palestinian people, while the truth is that they come from Jordan, Syria and Egypt. What is amazing is that the Arabs admit it that that people never existed.

    You can read interesting facts here:

    In fact, to call them "Palestinians" is a disservice to the Jewish people and the whole world. It has instilled in the spirits of peoples around the world that they are a people and so, the Israelis stole their land. If people recognize that the so-called "Palestinians" have never existed as a people, because they have no history, no culture, no land, they would retract their accusation against Israel. The Rebbe never used the term "Palestinians", but tro refer to them, he used "Arabs", because this is what they are, "Arabs" but not "Palestinians", for Jews are trully the real "Palestinians."

  4. B"H

    I once read that, historically, the so - called Palestinians (Arabs) came from Greece.

    Today many of the Palestinians living in East Jerusalem hold a Jordanian passport but an Israeli ID card.

    Before the foundation of the State of Israel, everyone living in Palestine was called PALESTINIAN. Also JEWS. The Arabs stole that kind of identity only some years ago.