Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pessach in Hebron


Thousands of Israeli Jews are traveling around the country during Chol HaMoed (Intermediate Pessach Days) and I have to work. Thus, the "What is Better ?" question is coming up ?

1. Is it better to earn money and not to neglect one's income ?


2. Should not every Jew enjoy the holiday and travel ? 
Or at least travel and enjoy a bit ?

I agree with both points and I do enjoy the holiday. Never before I have enjoyed the food on Pessach so much as this time. Potatoes, vegetables, red wine ... I can't complain. Putting cream cheese on the Mazzot.

Unfortunately, Pessach will be over too fast and then the noodles will be back. Bread ? I don't miss bread, as we have bread and rolls baked from Mazze Mehl (flour) or whatever flour. However, noodles are important to me.

Those who do have time to travel may have been to Hebron already. When I visit the Ma'arat HaMachpelah, I like to be alone. I want to sit alone, read Tehillim and just look at the "graves" of the forefathers and foremothers.

The tombstones we see today are neither the real stones nor do we stand in front of the actual graves. However, it is a spiritual place. The negative point: In case you need the toilet, you have to leave the complex in order to get to the bathrooms before the Machpelah. Meaning that, in case you want to come back inside, you need to undergo the entire security procedure again.

Going to Hebron is not a problem but when I took the bullet - proved bus I didn't feel very comfortable. Hebron itself is not always too save for the Jews. Especially not when you, by accident, cross the border into the much larger Arab Quarter. 

The haredi website KIKAR SHABBAT has a great photo collection of PESSACH 5771 in Hebron !

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