Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creativity and Insults


Nothing destroys creativity like unkind criticism and insults. If a person has a creative tendency, try to encourage him. Even if you think that his present creative ideas are impractical, be supportive of his attempts to be creative. By nurturing someone's creativity you will help him to grow in many ways. When you feel a need to voice constructive criticism do it tactfully.

Insults: "Oh no, not another crazy idea. That's a total waste of time".
"Your imagination is weird. Stop dreaming so much. Be practical and live in the real world. You'll never get anywhere. You just don't have any real talent".

Positive approach: "It's wonderful that you are so creative. All you need to do is channel your creativity and you will be able to accomplish very much".

"Since you have a strong desire to be creative I would suggest that you consult some successful creative people for ideas on how you can utilize your creativity in positive ways".



"The Power of Words"
by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

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