Sunday, July 18, 2010

War Zone Finn Street / Tel Aviv


Where Tel Aviv ends and Africa begins
Sometimes, while looking at the pictures, you may get the impression that this is Africa. Surprise, surprise, this is TEL AVIV !
Last Thursday afternoon I went to southern Tel Aviv, the crime war zone, in order to make pictures and show the public what is going on in a JEWISH State. What you usually see in the Israeli left - wing press are pityful photos from the children of foreign workers. That they shouldn't get deported. However, if you take a trip into the hood around Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station, you are realizing the real danger: Thousands of illegal Africans took over Finn Street until Levinsky. The crime rate has risen and recently, a 69 - year - old Israeli woman was killed by a Sudanese foreign worker. The woman was on her way to a grocery store when an African tried to mug her.

Every day, thousands of Africans are infiltrating into Israel via Egypt. The Israeli government doesn't realize the danger and left - wing organizations demonstrate in favour of the foreign workers. However, they don't have to live with them and face their daily threats towards the Israeli population near the Central Bus Station.

Finn Street / Corner Shomron

I was shocked finding most shops in Finn Street run by Africans. Even the lottery store !

Shomron Street / Direction Central Bus Station

Taking this photo wasn't easy. The Africans in front of me were surprised but suddenly another group came from behind and they weren't too excited about me and the camera.

Living in Finn Street. Most houses are also used by prostitutes.

Welcome to Tel Aviv !

Seen in Bnei Brak Street / near Finn Street.

African Club in Bnei Brak Street.

Finn Street

The nearby Levinsky Park. Mostly used by Africans.

Picture taken from the bus: Shomron Street. The blue doors in the background are used as brothels at night.

Near the Central Bus Station / Tel Aviv

A few steps over the bridge and you get to the "HaTikwah" neighbourhood.

I have plenty more pictures and will publish them ! Including those from the "HaTikwah" neighbourhood.

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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