Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stolen Sony Ericsson 054 - 7940502


You dial 054 - 7940502 in Israel and who you reach are two Spanish speaking cell phone thieves. My Sony Ericsson cell phone 610i was stolen from me at a public place in downtown Tel Aviv last Thursday. 

As I said, the thieves are two Spanish speaking guys and were filmed on a security camera. They are about 30 years old. One wore a white shirt and the other something white - greyish. They had actually arrived on that place in order to check out security matters. Stealing is their profession and I was just an opportunity because I didn't pay attention for some time. 

Whoever is calling 054 - 7940502 is either supporting cell phone thieves or reaching them. The phone is still operating but no one answers. It is summer time and thus the greatest time for thieves of all kinds. Lots of tourists and people sit somewhere and pay less attention. 

A haredi guy on Facebook wrote me a comment that, in a way, it is all my fault because it wasn't a kosher phone. Let me tell you one thing:
What about the Israeli litvish guy a few years ago robbing 100 Shekels (approx. 20 Dollar) out of my bag at an Internet Cafe a few years ago ? Maybe he was so kosher that he had a kosher phone but didn't really behave kosher ?

In the meantime I bought a new phone. More expensive and modern and I rpomise you: I will watch it all the time and whoever wants to grab it is getting his hand cut off.

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