Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am "JEWISH ?" and I love You


Israel's Supreme Court is planning a final verdict on an interesting subject (crime):

Is a Gentile who deliberately tells an Israeli Jewish woman that he is Jewish, guilty of committing a crime ?

More and more Israelis are complaining to the police that their partner, who is supposed to be Jewish, is turning out as a Gentile. Before the Jewish person began the relationship, the partner had claimed to be Jewish and thus lied.

I cannot say that it is common among religious circles to just grab someone from the street and starting a relationship. As we all know, frum Jews go through Shidduchim or, at least, certain ways of recommandation. The result is that such surprises wouldn't happen to them although I know cases where the Rabbanut (Chief Rabbinate) had someone registered as Jewish and it turned out later that there was a halachic questionmark.

Secular Jews, however, don't pay too much attention and when someone says he is Jewish, so they, more or less, believe it. Our present society is full of questionable halachic Jews and plenty of Israelis who come from a mixed marriage where the mother wasn't Jewish. The Reform movement as well as liberal laws are causing an identity problem in our society. Who is who in Israel ? I find it quite sad that you have to check with the Rabbanut and other institutions whether your friend / spouse is really Jewish. A sad reality today !

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