Friday, July 16, 2010

Israel is (still) a JEWISH country !


Honestly, I was shocked reading in the papers that Chelsea Clinton is getting married to a Jew. Or in other words: A Jew is willing to marry the Gentile Chelsea Clinton !
What a disgrace ! 

How far have Jews sunk that they are willing to give up their entire identity and their own future generations ? The guy's heritage and Jewish existence is going to vanish with non - Jewish kids. 

It was quiet on the blog yesterday because I went out to take lots of pictures of Tel Aviv's upcoming katastrophy. Thousands of foreign workers live in the city and more and more illegal Africans are streaming in every day. Tel Aviv - South, the area around the Central Bus Station has never been such a great area. There have been always prostitution and drugs but within the past two years or so, the situation has become unbearable. Certain parts of Tel Aviv are turning into Africa or the Philippines. 

Yesterday I went out to take pictures of the pit. The Africans didn't like it when I came with a camera and I had to be a bit careful. However, I am going to put the photos into the blog next week and hopefully you are getting an idea of what is going on downtown Tel Aviv. Furthermore I am going to publish the pictures of the thieves of my mobile phone (0547940502). The thieves must have been South American tourists in their late 40ies or early 50ies. Fat and wearing baseball hats. 

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