Monday, July 26, 2010

Stolen Phone found its way Back


Almost three weeks, my brandnew cell phone got stolen in Tel Aviv. It wasn't easy for me at all to grasp that I had been robbed. I bought a new phone (a much better one) but I still preferred the camera in the stolen phone over the new model. 

One of the two thieves came back to the place where he stole the phone and he was recognized. Confronted with the pictures of the security camera, he admitted the theft and returned the phone. The people who caught him took his name and passport number and told him to leave immediately. Hence, he is still around in Tel Aviv. Rather stupid I have to say, after the things I was told about him. The phone is back and now I have two. What the thief did steal is the SIM card but never mind. 

Why no one went to the police ? In order to understand this, you have to know Israeli mentality. The police wouldn't do anything but just throw your complaint into the garbage can. Most places confronted with a theft deals with the matter alone. I have experienced this before.

Watch your belongings wherever you got !!! Even if you just go washing your hands in a cafe or restaurant !

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