Sunday, July 4, 2010

Foreign Workers stream into Israel


So, call me a rassists but to tell you the truth: I don't care at all ! Those of you doing so should first have a look at Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station and its surroundings and then we will see if you still call me a rassist.

At least 30 - 40 Africans have been streaming into Eilat every day. Illegally but claiming to be refugees. They have taken over Israeli hotel jobs because the big hotels exploit the cheap black labour. This is bad for the Africans but also good for them. At least they have jobs whereas Israelis don't find any hotel jobs anymore. The sameat the Dead Sea and the same is slowly happening in Tel Aviv.

When you take a walk inside the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, on some floors you rather feel like being in Central Africa or Manila. Non - kosher Philippina stores all over the place and an African pub outside at Matalon Street. Let alone the drug abuse and the violence in Levinsky Street as well as in the HaTikwah neighbourhood. In Shomron Street Africans yelled at Jews going to the Synagogue on Shabbat. Israeli families don't send their kids out in the streets after it got dark.

Tel Aviv South has never been a perfect place but what is happening now is the worst I have ever witnessed. Pork stores, drug abuse and Africans laying on the grass in Levinsky Park staring at you in a hostile way. Parts of Southern Tel Aviv have been completely taken over by foreign Gentile workers who have built their own private churches. Thousands of foreign workers live in Tel Aviv and now our government has decided to deport at least 400 children of foreign workers.

Israel's daily "Yediot Acharonot" writes in a disgusting propaganda way in favour of the foreign workers. They should stay here and the poor children. What hardly anyone says is that those foreign workers want to stay in Israel (and become citizens although many of them are illegal) but not at all become part of Israeli society. Thousands of non - Jews are cruising the streets of Tel Aviv and even the tolerant Tel Avivim are getting fed up. Inhabitants have began asking landlords not to rent out their apartments to foreign workers anymore. What foreign workers usually do is renting an apartment and then moving in with twenty people in order to keep the shared rent low. Israelis speaking up for the foreign workers don't live in the neighbourhood but in rich Ramat Aviv. If they lived near Levinsky Street for one day, they would escape pretty fast.

These days you will hardly find a Philippina who is not pregnant or not having at least one child born in Israel. Foreign workers see their guarantee of staying in Israel in their children. They arrive illegally or legally but what they do first is getting pregnant.
Near the Central Bus Station is a school only for foreign worker children and the kids dream of living in Israel and going to the army. What kind of an army ? Turning Zahal into a foreign legion with non - Jews ?
None of them is talking about Judaism and whoever knows people from the Philippines, is aware of their idol - worship Christendom and pope worship.

If we don't act know we will turn Israel into a Philippina - African chaos state. People arrive illegally and already ask for Israeli citizenship. Where else in the world is an illegal person receiving any kinds of rights ?

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