Thursday, November 22, 2012

Moving Blog


I have been facing tremendous problems with Blogger lately. Especially when it comes to uploading pictures. I keep on getting the error message that a Picasa album, I don't really have, has not more free space available and if I want to upload further pictures I need to pay.

I am not willing to make such a fuss with Blogger and therefore decided, to move Shearim to Wordpress. This is still a lot of work and it won't happen within the next few hours but rather next week or so. 

I wanted to integrate the entire Blogger blog into Wordpress but this is not that easy. Too many technical issues and what I am going to do is keep the present blog but refer to my future Wordpress blog and set links. Other Blogger have done the same and it seemed to have worked out for them. 

I apologize for all those inconveniences and will soon let you know the new blog URL.

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