Monday, November 5, 2012

Going to the TOILET in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv


Each of us knows it although hardly anyone is really talking about it: You are walking around in downtown Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and suddenly you need to go to the loo. Then what ?

Israelis have a high amount of Chutzpah and simply enter a cafe chain like HILLEL, AROMA, GREG or NE'EMAN making their way through to the toilet without ordering anything. Mostly leaving a mess behind, especially when they come with children. 

But where can you go when you gotta if not behind a tree ?

The Machane Yehudah Market in Tel Aviv has free public toilets. The women's section can be found across Cafe Aroma and it quite clean. However, I cannot tell you anything about the men's loo.:-)

Sacher Park and Bell Park have free public toilets. 

You can find another free and clean public toilet at the Keren Hayesod (across Hillel). The woman in charge of the women's toilet is a bit nuts but never mind.

The Bell Center (corner Jaffa / King George) used to have a public toilet on the ground floor but I don't know whether it is still in use. If it is, a Russian guy sitting in front of the door will ask you for a Shekel (approx. 2,5 "American" Cent).  

A free toilet can be found on the ground floor of Jerusalem's Central Bus Station as well as inside the Center 1 mall next door.  

In Tel Aviv it is a bit harder finding a public toilet when you have an unpleasant surprise.:-) There are a few inside the Central Bus Station but I recommend either carrying your own toilet paper or some tissues. And don't expect clean toilets but be ready for anything you can imagine.:-)

The beaches offer public toilets for one Shekel. Many people though pee into the sea and this is why I hardly ever go into the water.:-)

Dizengoff Center offers public toilet but I am not sure whether there is one at the Carmel Market. Nevertheless, this has now been changing to the better, as a new facility has opened its gates (toilet seats). 

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