Saturday, November 17, 2012

Palestinian Youth abusing a Dog


Whereas in Judaism we are obligated to treat animals with respect, the Islamic world loves to abuse animals. Especially Palestinians are famous for beating their donkeys, camels, horses and dogs. 

According to Islamic ideology, dogs are seen as "impure". Nevertheless, many Palestinians living in Jerusalem have been raising dogs for the past couple of years. Either in order to sell or to keep them as a pet. 

For months, dogs have been running around in the so - called PEACE FOREST in Jerusalem. The forest is located between Talpiyot and the Arab neighbourhood of Abu Tur. Despite the proclaimed "peace", it is the mainly the Arabs using the forest. Just walking around or sitting behind trees drinking. I wouldn't recommend the forest to Jews unless you come in a group. Otherwise it is not too save walking around there. Especially not in the dark.

I have been witnessing a few times Arab kids torturing animals. Honestly, I don't know what to do in those cases. Call the police or tell the Arabs something. I don't know whether the police are dealing with such matters and the Arabs would definitely only laugh at me. 

Some weeks ago, two Arab youth caught a puppy running around in the forest. They put the puppy into a plastic bucket, closed it with and took their prey down to Abu Tur. 

A few days ago, four Arab youth started chasing another dog in the forest. They caught it, kicked it, hit is with a cable and a stick and threw stones at the animal. The dog screamed and I was just disgusted by such cruelty. It is not that they behave like this towards animals but also with humans. Those kids are being raised without showing any mercy.

The photos I took are not that sharp but are documenting how the four young Palestinians from Abu Tur are chasing a small brown dog. One of the youth had a second dog on a lead; probably serving him as a pet. At least they left the pet alone and "only" hunted down the loose dog.     

Photos: Miriam Woelke

The video shows a Palestinian children's channel. A bee (the Arab "Sesame Street") is torturing cats. I prefer just giving the Link because the video is too graphic !!!

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